The Band

As I am working as much as I can at the moment to get over the hurdles, I also did manage to find a ‘live band that needed a singer. As I realized a bit late they were like a coverband for kind of very rocky things, kind of a bit poodle rock from the 80’ies, kind of far from what I actually want to do in terms of music as I tend to reach more towards the electronic pop mainstream kind of roads for my music, I had to pull out. It was just a feeling. Since My music is basically what I want to do, I realized. I would love to have a band or a solution to get out to more live gigs tho, and that was my idea with the band. Tho Me being a bit of slob at the moment, working a lot and being sleep deprived and having beer on my shoes and a raspy voice from the late nights working, I found it so uncomfortable to get that across, ‘I want to be kind of Me’, and I just thought it could cost more than it would taste at the end of the day, even just to try it out, even tho they were really nice and said they would be comfortable going in my direction, I just felt the gap between being kind of major. And a lot of wasted time for both ends, I wanted to avoid that. They were really nice and said they were super flexible and were interested in kind of making my music as well as their songs. I just had the weirdest feeling, and so I followed it, and decided to wait for a perfect match instead of hooking up with a half descent solution that potentially could hold me from the perfect solution. And decided to blame it on the timing. I mean it’s kind of unrealistic timing wise as well, at the moment to fit in things like that in to my schedule with a lot of work and trying to get things together again. So I really hope they find a singer that can fit them a bit better. And the thing I realized with all of that, was that I want to be my own thing, Linn DaVerde, that is me, and it kind of has to be my brand, and if being in a band it would have to consist as being Me and my thing, rather than being a full on band member in an already made band and stand for kind of their ‘brand, that was kind of very far from being me. So in a way it was good to get that figured out, and maybe it did strengthen my brand and my idea within myself a bit with being clear within the fact that I want to build my brand and the things that I want to do, altho it would be great with real people to get out doing gigs somehow and collaborate with real people and maybe doing acoustic sets and it would be awesome to just actually get somewhere and even just do something at the moment, and I think with joint forces it’s a way forward as well. So I would like to get involved with real people for making music somehow, I guess it just has to feel as the right match.

So anyways, I’ve spent the nights working as much as I can. Analyzed the performances at the ‘Rosenthal Garden Party from the other week as I been working, since I was super sober and was there to work I really soaked in how different the performances were with mostly interacting with the crowd, and all of the ways worked, it was actually very inspiring as I thought about it.

Trying to be with my RAW food thing during this time is a bit of a project working in the restaurant industry. I understand that it’s super rare being RAW vegan, so I think I am starting to bring like a bunch of bananas to work as I tend to really having to eat a bit during the nights, and it kind of tends to be unRAW ( but I am trying to get as much RAW percentage in as I can overall ) and rather than just snack away with what there is in the restaurants, because I just have to eat, I can just squeeze a banana in or make smoothies or something to make it work a bit better for me. So I have to figure something out with that. Other than that, work has been kind of fine. I was serving a cute wedding gathering yesterday, and it kind of matters to other people and it’s a thing being a part of the big moments for other people as well, making it the best it can be, I guess. So I mean during the first bit of the evenings I usually tend to consider just packing up my stuff and just leave since it’s so sucky, and then at the end of the night after running the whole evening, I usually think it’s kind of nice anyway. And since I am a person who just does my best in every aspect I can think of, I guess I am up to standard somehow anyway to stay the night.

So yeah been busy lately and I really would love to and would prefer to hang out in the nice weather with the guitar making the city streets a bit happier.



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