Well, back from some kind of hole I guess, just gonna continue as before without any explanations or sideways. Grind. Forward, taking off with everything from where it used to be, from last time it snowed. Need to figure out time to make more music and a lot of things like that, and being back with friends and collaborations and just normal things really. I have really missed some of that lately and I am so looking forward to get into the grind with the music again. Anyways, as things are normal, with the snow back in business again, it’s been a while, and it was total snow chaos in town for the weekend. Tho I was lucky enough to be able to just spend the weekend indoors trying to look a bit like Elsa the frozen snow queen in the reflection of the tv screen. Hahahaha. Started to write a new tune with the piano, might be having some time to make that complete at some point. And I had to wait and put everything on hold a bit with the trilogy I am writing, so I decided to write a short story in between, and since I am writing again I might as well try to be up for the nightshift writing, it’s evening and it’s snowing and snowing outside so I might as well, it’s so nice with the light it brings, I think Long story, really.

So yeah looking forward to the week and trying to squeeze in some time to be back with friends and emails and a bit of writing and piano sessions. Most of all I am looking forward to spending some of the days at the cafes in town writing or trying to write and get more into the stories again. So just getting back to my normal habits and creating new ones and just enjoying things I guess is the schedule for the week. So in total, everything’s amazing and I couldn’t take it in any other way.



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