Weather day

Being totally snowed in today so I decided to get some things done that’s been waiting for a bit. Like mount a gate for the doorpost thing in the apartment for the dogs and organizing the walk-in closet, since it’s been kind of packed with unpacked bags and boxes and things like that. So getting organized, and having a bit of things to do all saved up for another snowy day as well.

A great thing today was that I finally got to test eat the new micro greens I been growing lately 🙂 I just got the micro green project started again and it was the first micro green salad for a while, and it was delicious. So I am expanding that project as it goes and I think it’s great to grow some of my own food. So I have to get the height of the lights more perfect and a few things like that but over all I am super happy with my harvest. I had made broccoli micro greens and a tray of mixed asians with radish, pak choi, coriander and a tray with sunflowers as well. I think it’s gonna be like a week to just get through the trays as they are, so I have to time it in with the new trays coming to have a constant supply. So yeah I love that project.

I just got all cuddled up writing and trying to get a bit warmer, I just had a nicecream bowl…. Super yummy 🙂 might get into the shower just to heat up a bit. And then get into the email inbox and maybe get into the music making mode as well. Hopefully 🙂



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