Christmas dinner

Yesterday we managed to squeeze in a Christmas dinner buffet, a very Swedish thing, although we went for the vegan style, so there was mostly new things to try out anyway, it was really nice, and it was awesome and great to actually sit down for a bit since I had been working a crazy 13 hour shift the day before and running around like crazy for almost the whole shift.

And now it’s just about a week later and after a week of about 95 hours working (!) I am totally looking forward to a bit of laziness, it’s usually kind of busy just up until Christmas so it’s a great time of the year to waste some time working like crazy trying to remember all the ideas for new music and squeeze in a little time to get the dogs out for a walk. What to say really?

So yeah, this week I am also working my but off and trying to stay fit while doing it, so yeah hopefully get some days off between Christmas and the New Years tho.

So I have to say I am a little bit behind with the Christmas decorating and everything….

I am listening to the radio dreaming away while working tho to stay in tune for what I really feel I should be doing, ‘well what is a royal ball after all…’ hahahahaha. And right now I am kind of sleep deprived so I realize it’s a good thing just to laugh about it for a bit 🙂

Be back soon 🙂



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