I spent the day kind of snoozing all the day trough. Trying to nap for a bit in the car and just get into a bit more awaken mode. And just now as I been snoozing the evening away, I had a super smoothie to get a bit more energy to actually try to write something again. Thought I was going straight from work this afternoon just home to sit and write, although working hard writing is a big project in my home with everybody needing attention and a lot of things swirling around. So I was snoozing through that and now it’s getting a bit late I am trying to wake up enough to actually put in some hours to my writing as the evening settles. I need to organize the third story in the si-fi trilogy I am writing and get that back in the light again, and I also started to write another short story in English as I was writing a short story before for the same reason, it kind of has to continue, and I think the idea is to get more into that line a bit more, tho I really need to spice up my language to be good enough I feel. So that is a project I am trying to put some energy into.

So yeah trying to get the lids up for the nightshift since I am working kind of super long hours closer to the weekend, so that w’d give me something to spinn around with the story lines as I am working to get some refreshed ideas hopefully and bring the total story to me somehow. So I am so looking forward to have some days off for the holidays and I really need to catch up with things to set my goals of writing a story per year.

Be back soon 🙂



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