I been spending the days researching a bit about how I want to make the house with new bathroom and wallpapers, it’s a lot of work to be done. So I was writing lists for every room to try and get a good overlook for the progress and to sharpen the ideas and get the project in more manageable bits. So yesterday I went to look at spa bath tubs and inspiration for the bathroom as well as sealing for the room and tiles, figuring out how to make the most of the room. I think a good chunk of it seem to be more preparing and actually getting above the project with knowing how to make it than actually choose the tiles and wallpapers, that’s how I realized it anyway.

The puppies are getting bigger and we are counting the days until they get to their new homes. It was an absolute joy and bless to have the puppies and we absolutely adore them. ( There are pictures at instagram @biancas_puppies ). We are so excited to see how they turn out.

So while figuring out the colors and looks and metods for renovating the house we are busy looking after these cute cuddly pups among trying to get to it with writing the new stories and trying to get to it with recording some more lines to a new song I am recording. So it’s a good thing it’s holiday since it seems we have a lot of things to do.

What to say?

Being off grid for a while really have set my standars. I guess it’s good to get real at times being kind of comfortable in everyday luxury that is kind of normal in relation to realize how much to actually aprichiate electricity and running water. So renovating has defiantly been coming with a spectra of it all I have to say. Let’s just say how happy I’ll be when things are working again.

So in need of music and a smooth ride I feel , what to say really?

projects and puppies

Just found myself in the project of renovating, newbi to the subject and eager to get things going, I have to say that doing without certain luxuries that we normally consider just that, normal, got me to realize just how much I appreciate good living standards and I guess everyday luxury. So fixing the bathroom and just about everything else really has gotten me in perspective with standards. I am so looking forward to see it all being nice and ready to use.

Right this moment I am sitting in a restaurant charging the computer. So there is a lot of work to be done.

Trying to get things up and running with many things at the moment. We also have the cutest puppies ever at home, so we have to make the most of the puppy cuddles until they are being homed in their new homes. They are absolutely adorable.

So it’s a bit about being organized and trying to avoid to many steps backwards during it all I guess, I used to think about it in terms of secure and expand. Secure what already accomplished waiting to expand a bit until it’s a bit more settled. So I guess it’s a matter of riding out the storm in a way. Just enjoying the ride though; it’s an awesome sumer and the cutest puppies ever!

So about the project, I thought about to make it happen room after room. And just make everything ready per bit, or just do it all at the same time. What to say. Renovating houses is a dream of mine since I just love houses. I even been in uni for architecture, so it’s a big thing for me to actually do it, since it was the developing houses idea that used to be one of my many dreams to do. So here I am in the happy place renovating. I am super happy about it and so eager to make it happen! Maybe I should do pictures from it or start an instagram for it? Although sweaty me without functioning shower is maybe pictures to avoid…

So yeah trying to make pretty much everything happen I guess while enjoying sumer and puppy cuddles.

Amazing days

Really enjoying the lazy days of sumer this year, we have been driving around finding new beaches, camping and just hanging out doing what we like at the moment. So nice.

I am trying to step it up with the writing in English, OMG, it’s a lot of work for editing the text I guess, but we all have to crawl before we walk. So hopefully it becomes the story I was aiming for or even better. It’s a new feel to read what I write in English so it’s almost like a total new thing. I really like it so I am exited to see how it turns out. It’s supposed to become a short story / novella story to try it out, si-fi ish, and kind of out of the box I have to say. Hahahaha. So we shall have to wait and see how things come together.

I am also trying to step it up music wise, with doing something towards my goals all the time. I did record a new song only in digital sounds and vocals. Have to fix a bit of delays and some more voice to it but it’s coming together. think it was a great thing to do, since I usually just write music acoustic, with piano and guitar as a base to the songs. this time around I tried to make the sound out of the drum loops and started in that line instead. So I think there is new versions of some of the songs coming in this way as well. It was an original song written with acoustic piano that became rather ‘dancey’. So that was a new experience. So I am looking forward to posting that asap and get on with the project.

Other than that I did get the paintbrushes out to fix up the house, major project, hahahaha, so I guess I am keeping myself busy eventhough it’s holiday.

New story

Been spending the day arranging the lawn, very well needed and longing to get to the point to snuggle up in bed writing away. I am writing a new story, in english, so its kind of new to me, and it gets the ideas to spinn even more i think. So i am looking forward to see how that story goes.

Other than that just mostly enjoying the sumer

Godmorning sunshine

Morning again I just love mornings. I love to sit and write in the mornings and I am Bert excited to have started to write my first novella / short story in english. I know We might need a bit of editing….. hahahaha but hopefully i’m getting better as it goes, that’s the idea anyway. So the first mini script in english – getting there.

Besides that I am writing the final episode for the trilogy I am working on and I have started to see beyond the horizon and started to sketch for what’s to come after the trilogy. So I am in the way.

So I am happy to have found a little room to call a writers den and may posting pictures egen it’s a bit more organized

So while trying to work with all of this the sumer came, it’s so nice and We been to the beach as well, so a bit of a holiday writing away for me this sumer seem to be what’s up

Good morning

Started the day with a smile today – early mornings are great for writing I think, and I am getting to it with the third manuscript in the trilogy I am writing. So a coffee, sumer sunshine, calm morning house, fresh mind might get things started.

Have to get a mechanic to come here to fix the car somehow, since it just refused to start yesterday, so a bit of projects like that today nut that can be in a couple of hours so I have some time to get writing.

I seem to count words when I write and its a booster to me to see how many pages written there is and this project is defiantly getting there. Finally in a way and it’s also a bit of ‘shit have I been writing about everything that I wanted to say?’ Since after this project it’s new things and lines and stories and characters so I think that’s what I am most trying to do – get in the story with everything that I actually wanted to say. But I guess things can come in the script after packed in another form if there was something I was meant to say.

SO hopefully it’s a good day coming from a good morning and fingers crossed that the car starts!


Found a bit of room to be a bit more active here at the blog again. I been very busy with just about everything and thinking about how I want to make things happen for me forwards. So I started to think about it more after I realized the goals for the new year was a bit far away and very unclear, so I decided to figure it out a bit for myself and think about how I want to progress my things.

that brings me to presence… guess I am trying to continue to figure it out as it comes so I just let it happen and follow the line of thought.

I have been making a bit more music though. And I have finally made a bit more room to make the studio happen so that is a clear progress – get the home studio better and up and running.

While figuring this out I was recording a new song I was writing, I realized I was so indecisive so I even recorded the same song in two different beats of tacts as in 3/4 and one in 4/4. hahahaha. I mean it kind of speaks for this spring hahahahaha. I post them soon! Feels good to be back!