Checking boxes 5

Today I been mostly just hanging out, grabbing a christmas tree, eating some delicious fruitarian food and catching up with fav telly. I was up from super early morning, trying to get to bed again, and getting to it with progressing some music collaborations. So I been kind of soft all day and right this moment just trying to have the lids open enough to watch telly so I thought I better get to it and write something.

Sunday again, I just love Sundays. I think Sundays are awesome and calming and just the best days ever, it’s about a feeling, warmth and comforting. It reminded me about warming lights and buzzing crowds and shiny velvet and exclusive materials. Opera. I want to go to the opera. I secretly love opera ( I love all forms of music almost ) but I want to go to the opera for a great evening and just love the atmosphere and interior and golden details and chandeliers. Nice perfumes and all dressed up. It would be awesome. So box number 5 in the advent calendar for goals to do to be checked – a night at the opera.

December box 4

After the biggest pouch in the world history because of my rejected manuscript last week I am trying to clarify how I want to forward things and see opportunities and ways to what I want. I am trying to write every day but been kind of low about it recently for obvious resons. First thing I did was to open the script again, I think I had a feeling about it, since I just couldn’t open it during the time I was waiting for an answer. So first thing I just got to it and started to rewrite it. So I think the road is to write it through a bit more for a better finish and there was things even I wanted to fix in the actual story after I had posted it, so I mean there was room for improvement. And it was my first draft in English. So I guess a bit of work with it and maybe getting test readers and editing before posting it again. I have to let it sit for a bit to get to how I want to progress things.

So I spent today doing a bit of music and brushing off some songs I was writing ages ago and trying to see potential for any forward things there. I am so so so so wanting to get out gigging. So I have to fix that. So I been having a good session with the piano today getting my live / acoustic set started. And also going through my songs for new collaborations, that I am super excited about. To see what there might be to work with. I really have got to find time to clean up the house at some point this weekend as well and just do kind of normal things, like grabbing a Christmas tree and decorating a bit and getting in that good mood for the holidays. So a lot of happy things to do when I think about it.

About box 4 in the advent calendar, I been really thinking about it, but it has got to be a goal about better pictures. I bought a nice camera so I can start to record videos better for my YouTube channel and it’s a great camera for pictures as well. And I rarely post pictures here in the blog and for everything really, it’s just nice to have pictures for myself as well.

So with that said, box number 4 in the advent calendar is the goalbox to check for better pictures.

Rough loop

Most of the time I think most people actually do want to focus at the positive things that’s around and write about that in blogs and instagram and things like that in songs and everything really. Happiness matters. And everybody want to appear as super happy. To me it seems that way any way and I am happy almost all the time or try to be. Or maybe everybody is super happy all the time. I mean it builds the impression of everybody being happier than they might be in a tinted world. That is a subject that matters a lot to me. Other peoples happiness in that perspective, I have to make a blog post about it.

And then sometimes it’s maybe a bit more truth to the equation behind the happy things. But keeping the facade shining does matter as well, holding people up and actually even by that, making a happier loop going. I wonder if this fact actually will make us happier? I think it could well be since most of the times, for me anyway, I can get myself happy from focusing more at the happy things. Go get an amethyst or get shopping things or go to the beach go for a drive. What fixes the thing. And then only focusing at the great day spent at the beach at the end of the day. I had a rough week, I can say, and I have focused only at the happy subjects as I been writing here at the blog. I had a script that got rejected, feels so unreal and it was super important to me, and thing after thing that just piled up. I mean I realize it got rejected because of quality. But I could been happier about it, felt so suppressed by the whole thing I couldn’t even open the script for the weeks after I posted it. And first thing when I knew, starting to rewrite it as any normal thing to do super normal happiness. And I been focusing at being happy for something else, all the good things that happened, and riding the wave out waiting for the turn. Maybe I just needed to fix the loop, of things piling, since the ‘everything’ might have thought I was happy with what was being presented to me and what was really going on and just gave me more of what ‘it’ thought I wanted.

So maybe I just had to get off the darn loop of smiling through it all waiting for a turn and instead get off the loop and make ‘it’ realize that other things makes me a lot happier than getting a script back like that. As well as all the happy things that I have absolutely loved to have coming lately.

Either way it’s weekend and I love weekends so fav telly and a warming blanket makes me kind of happy right this point.

December box 3

I am checkin’ boxes for December in my advent calendar. Had to think all day what to have in the box. I was up all night for the Crock Pot Cartel radio show, it was awesome, so so much great music and energy. A really good vibe for an awesome night. Absolutely loved it. I had a song in the show and was looking forward to some review and feedback about the song and production and potential ways to get things forward somehow. It was super good and gave me good directions into where I want to improve and explore. So it was great!

Today I been having my inner DJ spinners going all day and been up for starting to write NEW music for an idea I am having. As well as I am starting ft. works with a really cool electronic arty music maker. And more collaborations might be coming that I am really looking forward to get going. So I feel I am forwarding my music as much as I can and that I am very happy to do.

With that said I have thought about the December box number 3 and it has to be live music gigs. I would love love love to be out on stages and scenes. I even thought about going busking to get out and do something. So expand and get going with the live music. I love acoustic versions of my songs and I mostly write my songs with piano or guitar so that would be so great to get started. I even thought about creating a festival for more live music.

To clarify the goal, expand and get live gigs started.

December box 2

Advent calendar of December continues, I been thinking a lot about what to have for a goal in this box. The idea of the advent calendar being that I can have the calendar boxes as inspiration for my New Years resolutions and goals for the new year. So I am working my way up to that. With that said box 2 is very dear to me with the goal being; ta da…..

Building a better home studio. Box 2 check.

I love music and I love to create music and write songs and I record all my music at home on my own. I usually write my songs with an acoustic steel string guitar or with a piano, I have a normal electric piano that I absolutely Love, and recently I have just explored to write a bit more music only electronically based as well, with loops and sounds. With the guitar packed away in storage I am happy to have my electric piano in my master bedroom, that I am aiming to build as a studio room as well. So the goal is to make it happen a lot more in this direction and write more songs and be more productive and get things with the studio up and running with a bit more equipment and instruments and directions and ideas. So a bit more energy into this subject. As well as a bit more ambitiousness and more striving for the pro in this department, although this is where I am really in it for the love of it. I can sit and record my things for hours and hours when I am into it and just realize that the day became morning outside somehow as time happened with me being concentrated recording. So I love that I have a room to build my own home studio in.

With that said box 2 in the advent calendar is checked, being A clear major forward with the home studio project.

Other than that the day went by with a bit of the general b…. s…..t* and I am super happy to spend the evening thinking about how to forward my goals and clarify the goals as I am writing blogposts and I been having grinde fruits and veggies all day. Hopefully it brings a clear direction. I also spent the day just hanging out, waiting for the snow storm, that I seemed to miss out on. That I am kind of happy for. So that’s great. It’s absolutely freezing outside tho so I am very happy to be well stocked up with everything needed for a while and trying to get to it with my music and writing.

December starting

Had a super hectic day with lots of the general b…..s……. So happy to be able to actually getting the time write something for you and write my blogpost and getting forward to some telly and maybe even writing a bit to my story. I been up since about 6 in the morning in full steam, so a long busy happy day very happy to get to it with writing again and snuggle up, it feels good after the day.

December started and I thought about doing an advent calendar for the blog. So an idea I had was to have a revealing fact for everyday, or maybe a ‘thing I didnt think of you’ kind of thing. Or getting a clear goal for every day. Or like an unrelevant fact per day. So I might as well get to it. For every day up until Christmas Eve, the advent calendar is going to be …… ta da……it’s a goal set to reach for per every day reaching up to the holidays.

Box 1 December 1

I used to horse back ride a lot growing up and I love horses. I used to ride as much as I could and I was even working in a stable at a point. So I have just wanted a horse ever since even tho it’s been ages and ages since I been riding, I love to see showjumping at telly and I used to go see the competitions live before the pandemic as well. So that is one of my bigger goals; to buy a horse at some point, I would absolutely love to have one.

So that is the first of December, check, and the first box in the advent calendar check. the goal of riding again and get a horse.

Vegan month day 30

I been blogging about my eating habits during the World vegan month and it’s been really nice. To wrap it up as November turns to December, I really enjoyed it, and I guess it’s just a big part of being me. I been concentrating a bit more at writing about my eating habit’s, that are a bit extreme at times and kind of funny, even I realize that, while writing my blog posts, to me in reality it’s just kind of normal hahahahaha. So that is something I think I’ll continue to write a bit about.

I am drinking alkaline spring water at the moment ( special pure spring water that has a ph in this matter of ph 8,2 ) and I have just eaten a big portion of shredded zucchini and bell peppers, mini tomatoes, union, avocado, a bit of coconut milk for sauce ( also great for alkaline ), lemon juice, hemp protein powder and nutritional yeast. Something like that, super great 🙂 I am so stuffed. So as a desert I’m having spring water. I love that, it’s super super good and all greens veggies and fruits basically are alkaline or turns alkaline in the body, even the citrus fruits, and it’s very good for pretty much everything I believe. I also had a glas of MSM ( powder form of sulfur something ) with water this morning that is super alkalizing as well. So that is something I aim to be in all the time, Super alkaline mode.

I was up at I think about 6 in the morning just writing a letter to my friend, and hanging out, and writing a bit to my trilogy outro story. Started to record a new tune and a bit of piano and a bit of everything. And getting to it with some normal things, as well as a bit of tv and checking instagram and all that. I was waiting for dawn to see if there was any snow from the snowstorm that was supposed to come. I was all tucked in so I waited to see it from the window rather than just get out and see it. And it was just about exactly the same weather as yesterday. I mean it was the feelings of the inner child within’ me ‘where is the snooooooow?’ hahahahaha. But to be honost for me it’s super fine either way I am happy as long as everything is warm and cozy in the house. And it’s weather warnings out for the upcoming days as well so I guess we’ll have our part of it all sooner or later anyway. It’s very frosty tho I have to say and absolutely freezing so I am super happy to just be in the house in the warmth just letting the dogs out sometimes.

So yeah, vegan month was great, I thought about starting a NEW trend of having ‘come dine with me’ kind of versions, per live or something on instagram, with ‘cooking’ a meal in live with somebody and just eat something RAW at both parts and have a chat maybe try and get nice people that has great stories to talk about. Think it would be a very fun thing to do a bit depending on the people invited and things to talk about. So that might be a good idea and something to do while hanging out waiting for the snow and being at home for everybody. Like a Friday thing or something when people have a bit of time so a returning thing for Fridays. Good idea? I would love to hang out online that way, especially at these times where lockdowns might be just around the corner and all that, I think it could be awesome

So for me, the super vegan thing continues even after the World vegan month and I am looking forward to expand in new directions as well as focusing a lot more at writing my science fiction stories and the studio building project and with that the new music project is to be continued forward

Here is my dog Henry

Vegan month day 29

Today I spent out in a local town near, I was out shopping for groceries since there is a massive snowstorm coming, I heard. So better be prepared I thought. I am a bit like that, I like to have my cabinets full and I have a good stock of mung beans to sprout for any situations. So I bought long lasting things frozen veggies and things to go with my sprouts mostly and items to make raw food for christmas dinner and ‘baking’ might be presenting that in an own blog post at some point. I also got to my fav café for a matcha latte (with oat milk ) and I had a specific kind of Sandwich with sprouts and as much raw things within it as there was in the menu. So that had to be good enough. It was delicious. I love to sit there and have my matcha latte and write my stories, so as I just get in there I just want to write, so it seems like the major thing I had going has turned a bit into writing more again ( I think it turned because I was writing about it in a blog post ). Feels amazing anyway. And I also came up with bits to the actual story line that I think kind of works so there has to be a meaning with those gaps of writing, maybe it’s meant to be for the actual story to come clearer somehow, they just need to be processed a bit.

So hopefully everything is good throughout the storm, and with everything around with the pandemic at the moment, I am kind of happy to be staying at home for a while just veganizing away doing my thing with music and writing and things like that a bit out of the way from it all, makes me write a lot better I think.

Vegan month day 28

Today I want to write about being kind. I think it’s a super important topic in our society. That is one of the things I really love about being vegan, that I feel all through good about my being in that perspective. I am doing my part, kind of. And it comes through to people as well, I think. And I have to say I do put a lot of effort into being as kind as I can possibly be at any given time. I believe in a better world coming from that, so being nice to everybody about everything is a really big thing for me regardless of everything really, I think it matters. I think it would be a better world globally if everybody had kindness at their first priority in every aspect of their beings, in any language.

With that said, most vegans are very animal friendly and being vegan does for most people also mean to avoid animal made products. I think it sometimes clatches a bit with environment friendly interests in my basic view of it ( I mean with plastic materials that needs ages for the nature to recycle away the material rather than for example leather that the environment recycles a lot smoother ). But I am as animal and environment friendly as I can be. To me it matters, as some subjects do. And I absolutely love animals.

So philosophically I sometimes think about things like this, like the world seen with opposites, and maybe a little bit of a differens in the per cent getting everything spinning. So I really thought about what if everything was totally good, and if we could choose to avoid the opposite of kindness, what would happen, with starting new cycles, and how things would turn in that field of positive effects coming from that. Globally. I would really like to see what would happen and how that in it self would affect our world.

Vegan month day 27

Weekend again, I love weekends, what a feeling, absolutely freezing outside, and it was so cozy this morning so I started the weekend with celery juice, OMG, that taste, just can not take it, it’s totally off from my spectra of eatable, tho really really healthy. So I had that after a glas of lemon water. Then I decided to have a morning session with the piano ( to avoid the thought of the celery taste ) and started to record for making videos for YouTube. So that’s a new thing for me, I bought a camera a while back to be able to make videos with better sound and for instagram as well ( I used my phone for my live sessions that is great as well tho to step things up I thought it can be better with a more pro camera ) so I just have to get into it and learn how to do things with it and get the videos edited and all that a bit more. I have ideas and it’s just ways to make it happen I guess, so it’s only ‘know how’ in between, right. So that is a great project to get into for the snowy months and over christmas as well, I thought.

I got up way before dawn this morning, think it was around 4 in the morning so I’ll just have a lazy start of the weekend, I was catching up with fav tv and just being cozy until it was morning. I have just eaten a salad ( they sometimes have bargin bags at my local shop with ‘eat soon’ fruits and veggies that I sometimes buy since it’s so good variety in the bag as well, I just usually buy the same things mostly, and also without so much food waste for climate and things ) So I had a super salad with avocado, Chinese cabbage, dill, blueberries, goji berries, and swirled lemon juice on top of it. Super yummy. Had a matcha latte ( with oat milk ) and banana for dessert. It was delicious, and a delicious glas of MSM water. ( super detoxifying as well as super alkalizing, Love that ) so it’s I think namned organic sulfur, super benefits.

Right at this point I am cuddled up in warming blanket and trying to get to it with writing. I am continuing to write the trilogy I am writing, it’s almost about half way through this script, I feel so eager for it to be perfect and been a bit stuck, tho I made a new strategy with lighting a candle for every time I try to write so I attach the actual writing sessions to something unwasting time I thought. So hopefully it works. I just feel so very eager to get everything I wanted to say written in the script, so I think that’s part of the thing, as well as the urge for perfection. So I thought of the timeframe I had made for it to be a floating thing rather than to push forward so much to ease the thing a bit, and having the quality of the story in mind more than the timeframe. I did write a script in between even, ( that I also feel so eager to edit a bit more ) ( so it’s defiantly a feeling searching for perfection at this point ) and I started some more projects writing and made a lot of notes about ideas, tho being the outroduction to the whole trilogy thing really does matter in the quality spectra, so I really have to make it perfect in every aspect of the story, I mean what to say really. So there again, I might just grab the time and the ‘pen’ and just light the candle and get to it. So that is something that is a super big priority for me this weekend and up until New Years and until that line of happily ever after.

So yeah that’s my start of the weekend, I hope you’ll enjoy it as well.

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