With the Corona situation in town we have decided to be a bit courteous and avoid crowds a bit and that kind of suits my writing scheme very well at the moment. I did get a bit of a boost from realizing the story should be almost like half way through, and I made an excel page counting words and mapping the chapters out a bit more visualized. Great to create a bit of a magnetic aim to see it all coming together and becoming something whole. But it’s a long Way to go until then anyway. So at the moment things work better with writing a bit every day, and since I am used to work a lot, I am so happy to have the time to actually sit down and write, in the days more.

With the spring feelings just around outside I also got a bit more inspired with more stories, so I am trying to keep up the good ideas in pages sketched and organized to have it there for when getting there. But I am pushing it more of a full steam forward and totally going for it with this manuscript to be all set and clear and squared away; all ready to go at prio one ASAP.

Pretty sorted

Today we went for it with preparing, I mean like totally. I just have to have the house full for the secure feeling if we would rather be in the house for some weeks / months IF corona would get intense in this town. So if we had been shopping a bit for comfortably being in the house before, now it’s absolutely packed. Feels good. Safer too. So it’s been girls gone wild a bit today prepping pretty good I’d say. People were like staring at us with like so many packs of long-lasting milks, and a fortune later I’m thinking about if we need more milk. I rather have it all packed to the unlimited amounts with people staring a bit when checking out than in any other way, anyway.

Just got back packed everything, introduced a rule to shower after been out to since I heard it takes off the germs with warmth. And since I bought like a shelf load of shampoo, should be more than enough to last us for sometime, that might be great even for security. I know it’s a bit freaked but better safe than sorry.


Was out for a bit of a drive yesterday, that turned out to be kind of late, but I enjoy driving long and driving at night so it was great. Today I just been hanging out at home mostly almost wasting time with cleaning the flat. But I was up in the real morning almost dawn trying to write, after a really late night driving, so I think wasting time cleaning the flat has to wait some days. Longing to look at some tv and dream away hopefully getting more inspired to continue writing.

So feels good to get the weekend started.

Do I dare

Sometimes the crossroads are so obvious. When having to choose path, direction, in things that makes a difference. When what do I do, has become two options, narrowed to love or love. Sometimes roads can last forever. It’s just about directions that will affect a lot of the road to come, and about a feel good feeling lasting forever with the chosen way.

So I found me, standing there, in that either way, this way or that way. It’s so obvious what way is maybe most preferable, but sometimes so scary with paths unwalked before. So it’s a matter of daring. Do I dare to jump straight out and grab the chance for something new.


I love antiques, to a certain extent that is, actually sometimes speculating in the becoming antiques more than so. So maybe what I used to love about it when I was more in to buying and selling was just that, the buying and selling, I like it. So I sometimes do good finds and I decided to clear the flat / apartment a bit by selling some of the items. It’s just general things and some are more modern, some are more designer items becoming antiques one day, but general things that’s maybe buyable for somebody else. Since I am updating the flat / apartment a bit it kind of suits my needs. And getting a bit of capital for bringing new feel into the flat is very welcome at the moment. So I bought a nice Howard sofa that I am really happy with and I am having a bit of a classical modern mix feel that I am going for. So we shall see what we may find to match.

But I have to say it’s great with the resell markets nowadays, I prefer buying furnitures like that so I can avoid having to spend like a day trying to fix the IKEA bits and pieces together, it’s a lot easier many times to buy them in private; all fixed together and for a better price, it’s perfect.


So the day was busy with normal things driving around to get some items and need to fix some things. Discovered home delivery food shopping is great. So the cuppards are Pretty full packed and even more now since i discovered that. We tapped up Water in bottles since i think all the bigger containers in the shops were bought since its a bit of a Corona hype in this town. So Many people Wants to be prepared and i think thats great. I have realized that we are responsible for our own happiness and our families wellbeings. Its great to realize that more people Than me are having survival drive.

New sofa

We have been preparing as much as we could for almost week I think, and we are working on it. Today it’s things have started to run out in the shops, luckily we been shopping the most things we need, but for sure am I thinking if we have enough. So I ordered some more from the food shops online. So hopefully we are safe. Might grab some more items even. I heard all water containers were sold out in just about the hole country. Great, so we filled up some bottles instead to be safe.

Late night soon looking forward to having a nice cocoon cuddled up in the sofa. Just bought a new one today actually and it’s so nice love it. So looking forward to sessions figuring out the world cuddled up in the sofa. It’s a way of getting a smarter look in the front room also, gives a better appearance.


Today I spent most of the day wondering if we been shopping enough long-lasting foods to be enough for the hole corona thing or if we should be out for a bit of topping it up shopping if it’s becoming intense. We went shopping for dry foods and tins and stuff the other day, and today I saw in the news that the shops been really busy with people safety shopping for just that. So we might swell go a bit more to make sure we are safe.

I am trying to continue writing as much as I can, I started this project in about August I think, and was so stuck for the story for a long time, just about now I had a bit of more easy going flow with getting it to work so hopefully it works out well. When I think about it it was almost exactly the same time frame as last year, so a copy of that strategy and it should be all right. the differens is then, I was working a lot and writing almost every day after work regardless of time almost, this one I am more real and have more time right now anyway to set the story, get inspiration, make it happen, have the time to sit and write a lot more. And frankly, I just wish it’ll work out fine, and sometimes it’s actually more of a wish than anything else getting me to continue. Stubborn I guess.