Vegan month

I hope you as well as me are enjoy the vegan month, you can start try it out at anytime though, for the rest of the month maybe. I am vegan regardless of month and I found it very fun to become one. Since I love to travel, and when I am out traveling I enjoy to go to the grocery stores trying out what locals eat, I realized becoming vegan was a bit like traveling. So many new products to taste and find favorites. Love it. So that might be something to get into when being #athome for when needing something to do, there is super good inspiration at instagram for vegan dishes and bakings and discoverings.

Today I been doing pretty much non of what I should I guess, feels like wasting time, but I wonder what I then been doing and I realized non of that either so I guess it’s just been a day trying to get to it. Been trying to get to sit down and actually write, sat down with the piano for a while trying to have some time there. Have to tidy up the apartment, about wasting time, so I guess trying to do that as well for a bit. And I guess trying to unwaste time. hahahaha. Trying to detox a bit, I guess it’s great since it’s supposed to be kind of calm around when detoxing, and it seem to work well with my trying to do something that make sense anyway. I even been trying to have a spare moment to watch telli.

So just now I am trying to get in the mode for a bit of writing, all tucked in out at the balcony listening to the rain. It’s just so cosy, absolutely love it!

Acoustic piano

Being a bit more at home has for sure made me very happy to have the piano. So waisting time, instead of cleaning the appartment I guess, infront of the piano, and being out with the puppy, most of the days I think. I am so so so so trying to write my book manuscript in total edited version and I am so so so so trying to find time and the right feeling to be able to actually do it. Sometimes it’s just like that when writing, it comes in waves. And I am so, so, so, so looking forward to continue the book script I am trying to write after, so I just have to fix it to get there. So I am trying to write a bit every day, a bit of progress is a something forward some days it’s thousands of words, so I guess any forward is what counts for me.

So the night shift again here in Stockholm. Love it. The balcony letting the sounds of the wind getting through giving a great feel to being all tucked in trying to write. So grabbing a coffee and continuing to try I guess at some point it has to be total and getting there anyway, and I am having a great time trying listening to the autumn winds.

Also been making more acoustic piano versions of some of my songs. It’s been like total pajama sessions, where it’s been like up straight to the piano so I guess as real as it gets, really have to make some nicer photos as well to get a bit more balanced flow to it. but I t5hink it’s a bit nice with the PJ Sessions anyway, I mean with many people being just at home in pj’s so does it even get more real than that at the moment? I guess it’s part of being real in the world right now. So anyway, getting into it with the piano and acoustic versions at the moment.

you can see the videos at my instagram @l_helgaasen

just posted a version of Free- the studio version is to be found here at the start page.

Hope you like it and Enjoy the new week coming!

Sunday morning

Waiting for the dawn to get seen I guess, being out at the balcony trying to write. It’s just so super cozy (so happy to have made the balcony into my bedroom) and being in a busy part of Stockholm it’s just so nice during the nightshift out at the balcony, I think.

So yeah, we are obviously in the corona timezone. Just letting the hours come comfortably as they want to. I really like it that way, with flexible timezones and I guess somewhat ‘jet lagged’ at times. I have been up and out with the dog most mornings watching the city awake in the dawn, this week. Amazing. And I seem to think that any Corona germs should be better during that time of the day rather than when everybody have been swirling things around at the evening. So the mornings been really good here lately.

Musicwise I been busy with the piano getting into it since it’s been a while since I had a piano. Practice, practice, practice. It’s great, I absolutely love my piano and I am super happy with it. Love the sound of it. Love to write more music with it.

So I guess that’s a bit about Sundays again, I just love Sundays.


This time around with being more #athome we are a bit more prepared. Being in Sweden there is recommendations to be #athome so we are basically just that, been out a bit but avoiding shoppingcentres and things like that. Although having a puppy this time around makes a big differens and gets us out a lot more than during the spring where we barely dared to sit out at the balcony. And just being a bit more used to the situation I guess has made it more like ‘as usual’ being at home as well.

So the days are filled with joy with Henry, the puppy, and normal things, I am trying to write everyday and make progress to my stories as well as make more music and things like that. Since the new piano just been packed up I am just super happy spending most time at home anyway getting into it with the piano, so that and walking the puppy is kind of keeping us entertained.

Also been getting into a lot of new things and routines, I think more than I would normally have done, so I think all this time at home have brought a lot of time to sit back and actually think about things and learning and getting into it with a more clear view and more time to waste I guess. I really like to have all this time to get to clear perspectives and I think walking the puppy is a thing that really brings that up and being without the time pressure we consider normal, I think is really good for us, for me it seem to be anyway. So I tend to walk the pup a lot, and decompress I guess, and I realize it was such a great idea getting puppy.


Feeling Yellow

Weekend again, love it. Continued the feel good project with walking the dog for an hour this morning, then went back to bed, where I am still snoozing, at the moment. The balcony works great for a bedroom and I am super happy with it, brings a bit of energy to me with the light I think.

So while trying to make my days a bit happier and trying to make all others feel good as well, I decided to bring a bit yellow feel good to the table.

Being Vegan I am trying to eat yellow sometimes, and I think it works!

So here I am trying to make the world a bit more yellow from my perspective, think it would be kind and nicer climate for everybody if so.

So I guess I am feeling a bit yellow this weekend- it’s great!

November – Vegan month

Vegan month is here. I am Vegan regardless of month but I think it’s extra nice with Vegan month anyway. It’s a great thing to do, try it out for a month, I found it almost like traveling becoming Vegan, it was great to go food shopping discovering new products almost like being in a noter country in the grocery stores. (so that’s a great tip even for if being in Corona isolation or just in general being a bit more at home, if you like traveling – like me, It bring a bit of that feeling trying out new foods) And there is a lot of great Vegan products, and with more people buying, there might be even more Vegan friendly products coming as well, so I think it’s a growing market.

So yeah, I really like being Vegan – it feels great. I think it’s really good for the body and also feels good for the animals as well as the climate with a friendly lifestyle.

So I am very happy with my choices and I think Vegan month is a great thing to just try it out and get a bit more inspiration if so just having Vegan menu for a day a week or if going for it totally.


Made a picture to my new song Unfold

The piano came, so happy, after weeks waiting for the delivery I spent the night putting it together and then a bit more of the night enjoying it. Absolutely Love it.

So the idea of a home studio is getting clearer. Very happy about that.

So after the nightshift with that I am probably up for a night following the election Trump or Biden. Me being in Sweden, It’s great with the timezones since being mostly #athome tend to have me up late nights at the moment.

So this day is probably spent in Pyjamas #athome


So yeah, the Me is back with more music, got a bit more inspired to continue to get this song completed – Let the words unfold. I hope you like it 🙂

I was thinking a lot about how to get the lyrics the way I wanted in this song and there might even be a newer version as well when I have melted it a bit more.

Hopefully it’s a bit more music coming soon, being a bit more #athome might get the inspiration flowing


Today we were trying to buy a radiator for the balcony (I was literary spending the night with socks and hats to be warm enough) (the balcony also being my bedroom).

So with the new restrictions, about isolation, we had to get out shopping a bit for radiators and stock up the flat a bit. So we decided to spend the day shopping for necessities while being out anyway. So the flat is kind of packed with toilet papers and things like that, all good to go for if there would be a major lockdown.

After the day out and about I was so surprised there was only about, roughly counted, 5% wearing facemasks, and so many people out just like any normal day I would say. I wonder if they were even reading the news with the restrictions, well anyway, we decided to be as much as possible isolated from now and wore face masks when in shops keeping distance as well. In the news it’s a lot about people traveling for the autumn Hollidays (there is a week of Hollidays in Sweden ) so it’s a busy weekend here so we are being a bit out of the way for that.

So I guess for Christmas wishes it’s mostly pyjamas outfits and warm socks this year. I am mostly looking forward to be cuddled up at the balcony (hopefully warm enough) and getting to it with my writings and making more music so being #athome for a bit might be kind of good