So yeah, the most lovable day of the year, I mean I just love love so kind of have to say something about it. Just been hanging out looking at tv and napping the day, since kind of dealing with the effects of the hectic week. So it’s really nice to just be hanging out and super well needed to recharge a load, I really feel it in every aspect I can think of actually. And that’s as much of a Valentines there is for me, hahahahaha, without saying to much about official relations. I mean even if I could grab about ten bananas and get to a restaurant with somebody I guess, I may wanna avoid that at the moment to avoid getting any hopes up, waiting for the perfect one I guess.

Should really be writing the love songs of super love songs I guess to make some good use of this day. Tho I have to really just recharge and be looking at romantic comedy movies for the night I guess and just be cozy. Should have bought a massive load of comfort munchies and just snack away. Tho I feel I really have been shredding some of those extra pounds / kilos lately, and I felt so good about it so I want to keep up the good feeling of getting into my ol’ trousers and jeans. Would be kind of nice to be in some form of shape for the sumer and just feel good about things like that in general, like bikini, and I do, I am one of those people who just kind of feel good about myself in general, and I really like that actually, without wasting any time for the general bullshit of weight and things like that, I just became one of those who love myself I guess. I really think everybody are beautiful people and minds, until they do something that gets them in another light. I really tend to see people for how they are becoming, how they look and how I see them shining through in what they do. And I just want to see beautiful people, so I really do see everybody as beautiful.

So yeah, the evening continues, so happy to be back in the city, and with romantic comedy movies, perfect for a perfect night.

Hit the fern

A very hectic week turned into an even more hectic traveling back and forth everywhere about twice it feels like hahahaha, so yeah, what to say really. So been kind of busy with more of the general BS than I even thought was doable. So I just got back to town, I mean like the city, it was such a feeling to roll in to town and see all the houses and and buildings again. OMG I just love concrete and city lights, I guess. Awesome feeling. So warm and welcoming kind of. And I really felt it being so special so I even thought it must have been for a reason, and I mean everything has got to happen for a reason right? And what was the reason of the magnetic forces getting me back in town, just have to wait and see, but it feels so good to be just here, in this city, since the attracting forces kind of felt so intense on the way here. There just have to be a reason for it to bring any sense in to all of it.

So the Super Pressing week turned into a homey feeling of the city lights above, and I am super happy to realize that I did bring the microphone so I can record something for a Pj’s session during the new week since the whole weekend was consumed with the general bullshit from the week.

So yeah, I am up for it, and I feel so released to be in the city again.

Unwasting time

I think a lot of time sometimes goes to just trying to unwaste time, if that makes sense. So I am trying to make music and do my things everyday to progress forward, and sometimes I seem to write more about it than actually doing something. But then again, it’s so many things in the surrounding to make music as well that I am doing, I mean shopping for clothes to wear for videos and get inspired from things is also kind of adding up to it, I think. So maybe what I am trying to do is more ‘unwaste’ time sometimes. And I really am trying to not waste any time at all. So I really wonder what I am wasting time doing? Since in my perspective I am unwasting time as much as I possibly can. Sometimes I am looking at films, very rarely, and kind of often I am netflixing or tv, nut then I tend to look at reality things to be learning things and self developing I guess. So it’s actually very rare that I am doing something just for myself as in wasting time. I think tho the most of a real time waste is cleaning. OMG is that so darn time-consuming. I love to have nice settings at home, tho the hours spent arranging things is sometimes the most waste of time I can think of.

So I guess today I been unwasting time with a bit of everything really and I did get to it and started to write some new lyrics for a new collaboration. So I hope I get inspired enough to continue to write something great for that.

Live music

Today I spent most of the day trying to get my New Video for morning sessions out everywhere. Forgive and Forget – Pj’s sessions. (found below ) I thought about making it with more as a camera filming it, although it’s in actual time, as in real time, recorded like in the super early morning, with like a hairdo and real pyjamas hahahaha, I figured to prefer the music to be recorded rather than being in picture with my Pyjamas and hairday thing going on hahahahahaha. So I thought maybe to just get pictures for it for now. And it brings me to the subject, live music, OMG, I would love to get to gigging somehow. I just love to do my piano or the guitar for the acoustic sessions for me at home and I tend to do that kind of often, just because I love it. So I even thought about building an own stage in the garden hahahahaha, maybe to bring some aspiring artists over for a garden party even, for YouTube maybe, I mean the collaborations should bring twice the power and people right? Good or maybe? I even thought about starting a music festival to get to gigging. Or just go busking. Or promote everywhere for aspiring artists to meet up at specific locations in the sumer, say a day per month, to bring their music and come and gig for the day. Preferably where there is outdoor stages, I think it would be awesome to connect and meet musicians and find collaborations and have a stage that everybody can mount 🙂 So yeah spring is around the corner and I am thinking about what I need to do to expand my music and what I want to do 🙂

Other than that, I spent the day mostly looking at my indoor garden to see if the tomatoes has grown. hahahahahaha. So I really hope they make it and that the light for them works as well as the hydroponic system for the sallads. So I am super excited about the progress actually. And it’s becoming a blogpost ( with pictures ) for the survival prepping garden 🙂

So yeah, music day today, and I guess it continues into the evening. Enjoy Sunday. Peace

Sunday Morning

I was up way before dawn to start recording my Pj session and just at this moment the daylight is starting to come through, super nice. I decided a weekend ago to record this song for the acoustics since it’s maybe the most worked through song I have made in electronic format, so with this being the ground base to that song, I thought it would be nice hear.

This song’s lyrics are based in a lot of ‘story’ lines combined into the song. Mainly it was based in a thought about somebody I knew’s story, and I actually wish I could have done something to prevent somethings from happening sometimes and seeing the story from another perspective, I guess, and I guess even a thought about the fine difference between love and hate, although I might prefer only Love hahahaha. So a little tune to cheer somebody up when it’s needed 🙂

With that said, Sunday continues and I hope you are having a great morning 🙂

Forgive and Forget Pj’s Sessions ( acoustic )
Forgive and Forget – The electronic Poppy Version


Today I have been spending the day arranging my indoor garden a bit more and getting some seeds started to go with it as well. I am aiming to only have eatable things instead of just flowers for decoration indoors, so I went for cucumber plants that I thought would be nice to have in the living room kind of with a jungle vibe. And the tomatoes had been sprouting and needed to get more light so I was putting the big storage shelf I bought the other day together, and tied the long lights below the shelves above them. I just went with ‘shop lights’ I seen a bunch of videos about the subject growing lights and I decided to try kind of normal ‘shop lights’ as in LED long lights at about 48 w I think and in a white spectra that covers all the blue and red tones as I understood it, but growing lights is an absolute jungle I have to say, they were kind of inexpensive and seemed very sufficient anyway and they are super bright. OMG there was a bit of a project to get it all to function with the lights and the lead and they are supposed to be able to chain connect, to go with the same lead ( and that would be nice to manage to do since I would like to have them at the same timer ) so that project continues tomorrow 🙂 Really happy that I made it work with the first light tho, so it’s just to add the other. So with this batch of seeds I was starting today I am trying some of the salads and spinach varieties and they are going into the hydroponic system so I am really looking forward to see how it goes, since it’s supposed to be going well for months with the same batch and it’s supposed to be doable year round, and since I eat kind of a lot of salads, I am really looking forward to try it out to see if it works. I am also looking forward to grow the bell peppers kind of the same way. So the idea is to have year round supply of fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, salads, micro greens and a bit of herbs and a bit of this and that from the indoor garden, Super excited!

Saturday evening, had ‘movie afternoon’ as well, so I am just about to try to make some more music and do the emails and try to write a bit as well and most of all making some things arranged for the ‘pj session’ that I am recording. So I been looking forward to record this ‘pj session’ all week actually and I decided to do a session per weekend 🙂 So a really nice weekend I think, and I hope you are enjoying your weekend as well 🙂

Prepare 4

Out with the bus today again ( so happy to be up and running again ) to a small town. I had been getting tomatoes and veggies sprouted so I realized they need a lot more light to strive, out of season, so I seen many of the YouTube videos researching how to grow them hydroponically ( in water rather than soil ) indoors, and year round. So that is the project. So OMG was I packed at the bus with things, even got a big storage shelf with me at the bus hahahahahaha. So the idea is to have the lights just above the plants in the shelf to produce tomatoes, cucumbers, sallads and leafy greens and micro greens etc year round. So I am super excited to get the system up and running and try it out.

( I post pictures and easy ‘how to’ manuals for my hydroponic system as I get it up and running as well, great to have if it works hahahaha )

So yeah I have been prepping kind of as much as I can lately, I have to say it feels better being a bit more prepared for situations. And it feels very exciting, and a bit away from the prepping thing, to just in normal mode produce my own organic food. I was reading that the prepping industry was up about 400 % lately and I guess it’s a lot due to the Europe peace situation being in a bit of a swing. I mean it’s very unclear in many ways and I guess it’s based on a lot more in the ‘commonly unclear’, but actual military movements in the streets of normal towns and cities for anybody to see in any normal news reports is to me an indication that things might be going in directions that I would really want to be prepared for. And I believe that they want to have the population calm, and it’s a big step for them to get leaflets with inventory lists of things to have at home for any citizen in situations. So I think it’s been coming on slowly for ages. And years ago I even had a bug out campervan far out in the bush, kind of as remotely as I could get it hahahahaha. I mean it’s a bit extreme, but I mean better safe than sorry, right?

So anyway, I just got back from the bus dragging the shelf with me ( I am so looking forward to spring with a bit more doable roads so I can get a car again although I am so happy there actually are busses ) and I hope I got enough energy to make some music being up a bit for the nightshift recording as well.

Wasting time

The busy week started today with massive migraines, shit, what a waste of time, but I have to say I rarely get the massive headaches and I think it’s because the raw food diet I am eating takes off the edges of the headaches since it’s so healthy and alkaline and anti-inflammatory and clean. What I actually think it comes from is mucus blockages that is kind of unnoticed as normal, but with eating anti-inflammatory diet the mucus and inflammations ( that everybody has more or less of ) in the body decreases. So that’s what I think is actually causing it to be better. I used to do botox treatments for headaches and that was awesome as well, and it really worked so good, it was such a relief so I have to say I really love botox for that. It felt like a big ease somehow released, amazing feeling actually, I know, kind of unreal right hahahahaha. But I can really recommend it, I think it’s so much better for the body than eating a lot of tablets anyway and deal with the real issue rather than just trying to deal with the effects of it all. And there is even Vegan botox so I just love that hahahahaha, although I have stayed off all things like that since the pandemic started since I just prefer the distance to other people if I can. Anyway the day had to be really kind of soft and waiting for it to feel better. And it’s better now at the evening, super happy for that.

So yeah, spent the day mostly trying to look normally at YouTube for inspiration and really trying to unwaste time. So yeah as I am feeling a bit better for the night I might be up for the nightshift writing a bit hahahahahaha.

Busy week

Today I had to get to a small town to do some things, my dog had been hanging out with his dog friend doing their business for some days and just normal things like that really. So I was out for a bit, absolutely but freezing weather. I thought spring was just around the corner since the sun almost started to warm up things some days ago, but obviously have to wait a bit for that. Well I guess I’ll be even happier when it comes around so I am defiantly looking forward to spring even more.

I started to get the indoor garden started tho, as I was waiting for the spring, so it’s all sitting in the trays waiting for the sprouts to pop up, so that might be a good thing to do while waiting. I just bought so many varieties of veggies and berries and greens. All sorts of eatables. Kind of many varieties of tomatoes, thought that would be a good thing to try to preserve in jars. Most things were to be sprouted kind of later in spring but I thought I try to get them started anyway, I mean they should be fine regardless of time of the year as long as without frost right? And I am having them indoors. Well hopefully there’ll be some berries and veggies coming anyway and I saved some seeds for later as well. I even bought a book to fill in all the happenings from the project in as well, super organized. So I hope there be a lot of veggies to preserve for the year round. I’ve seen so many videos at YouTube about how to preserve greens and veggies, preferably without heating and without additives and without sugar and without added fats and without a massive amount of salt. I mean there are some limits to it being a RAWfood vegan hahahahaha. But freezing in the freezer is fine and also make inlays in vinegar based jars, kind of fermenting and fermenting things as well. So I am really looking forward to the project and trying out new foods in this direction and since it’s super organic as well I think it’s awesome, so I hope it works.

For the week coming I have a load of things to record for various collaborations and I need to renew voice tracks with the new microphone as well to songs already made, so that’s all lined up for the week and I am really looking forward to getting into it so I am excited to spend the week mostly doing that and continue to write the new script, when I feel for it. I decided to be kind to the feeling about it, writing, without any pressure and timeframes at all. The goal is for it to be really good, as I read it, and that I am feeling happy with it in total.

So when I think about it, I feel really busy for the week coming even 🙂


Today I spent the day mostly with Facebook, and Netflix, I really needed a slow day at home, since I had been up a bit during the night, so catching up with sleep and feeling a bit more energetic has got to be prioritized. I was trying to get the recordings from the pj session from Sunday up and posted but I had to re record it a bit so it had to wait. So a bit of pampering and ice-cream would have been so nice today.

The good thing tho is that I was actually up for a nightshift partly to continue the ‘godforgotten’ script. So I actually got to the thing where even I was so curious to how the story would turn out so I had to continue. So after waiting to write for ages, the story got more and more thought about during the days in general and the characters was getting more and more room in my thoughts. So I just had to continue to figure out how the story would turn out. So I think that was the hardest part in writing I experienced. Even I might be surprised the story continues and hopefully becomes totally done as well, hopefully, but I am doing things without the timeframe pressure after this, so it’s better that the story is complete and worked through and that I am happy with it rather than stressing about time goals for done projects. quality above all, kind of. It’s very powerful forces dragging in the story as i am writing, I found. So anyway that I am very happy to overcoming the hurdle of. I mean, it’s supposed to be a trilogy and it’s the final bits to go so I mean I would really want to get the whole thing done in total, and I actually love the story and the characters and I genuinely love to write it as well, so I guess it’s just part of the process letting the story become transformed through me writing it somehow.

Anyways, the story continues and I hope you are having a great start of the week 🙂

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