Hold the skies up at night

Nightshift editing the script about to be posted this week while listening to my music. I mean it kind of gets to me sometimes, the song (it’s posted at the front page of this blog, as butterfly ) especially as being up for the night trying to be in tune with the script. Have to make a new recording of it.

So the day I spent mostly with the script leaving the house to be cleaned until after the script. I been listening to my recorded music trying to find the roads to see how it would progress. The butterfly song I had to listen to so many times, I just feel with the song basically. I thought a lot about a friend of mine when I was writing it and I sometimes get surprised how I can write music and lyrics in a way that I mean it as I write it and it kind of comes out in other ways, that works better with the tunes, I love it!

So i am after the new tune to come, looking backwards to find the road for it it guess. I was posting something funny new at instagram the other day, mostly for something with a bit of push to it, I thought to be working with making food and smoothie videos. So that is there if you want to listen to it!

So at this point I am eager to dream away to Southend where we used to go sometimes before the pandemic, hopefully we can get there soon again. A special place to get my stories in order and starting something new. The seaside makes wonders for my scripts somehow. Well while dreaming about that and trying to get to that point of ‘happily ever after’, the nightshift is progressing here in the becoming studio

New Week

I love this time of year with the crisp feeling in the morning air, it just makes me feel happy. So I guess it’s a lot to do, and I been trying to step it up a bit more with my music and writing lately. So this week I been looking forward to since forever in so many ways. A script I am writing is to be posted this week, and I am super eager to get it posted as well as a bit aaaaaaaaa since it kind of has to be perfect. So I think most of the week is going to be about that and getting it a step up editing it as much as I can until it’s posted. So I am wild about that this week!

The house needs a lot of work and cleaning since I spent the weekend trying to write the new script, so I think next weekend is going to be all about getting things together after the script kind of.

So yeah I think this week is packed with things to do and I am just waiting for that awesome feeling of the script finally being posted

Busy night

Up for the nightshift again getting in tune with recording a new song I been writing lately, so it’s finally up at instagram. I hope you Love it if you swing by, @l_helgaasen . As well as getting to it with my new script I feel it’s getting busy here in the studio to be.

So yeah spent the weekend getting inspired and channeling it all towards my new script and this new song while just hanging out waiting for the weather to turn.

So I really hope you like the new music, it’s in the digital era exploring the ways to do it based on an acoustic piano written song I wrote a while back, the acoustic version is also at my instagram.

Forgive and forget, what to say really, I was thinking more in other directions as I was writing the song, but it kind of turned out to function I think as it just became like this. Anyway, a song can inhale so much I feel, it’s in many aspects and perspectives. But a clear given thought about limits about forgiving. I was basically thinking more about things that really is out of forgiveness to be honost and this is how it became. It might be work in progress since I wanted to get the feel more in to it with lets cheers for a great night or something. So we shall wait and see if there might be more to be said in the subject. Sometimes when I listen to my music I find things that really should be in certain ways after a while. So I tend to listen to them many times to try and make the most out of it.

Happy weekend

finally weekend again after a hectic week full of have to do things it seems like we have a bit of time to actually do something real. SO what do I do? I am up the nightshift after having had a little nap, to continue writing my new novella story, it’s just around the corner from being good to go and I have to make it perfect! So I am very happy to be able to do the nightshift for the weekend to make it happen.

Other than that it should be a pretty slow in sofa weekend, the leafs are turning and the garden is really screaming for a bit of attention as well so maybe a bit of time to fix up the garden a bit preparing for spring again.

Managed to post a little teaser of an acoustic version ( the base version as I wrote it in ) of a new song I am recording. So it’s becoming an electro version as well. I love the song actually and it kind of just happened with the lyrics, sometimes it’s amazing how it comes and becomes. So it became a song about ‘forgive and forget’. As I was writing it it was in another perspective and it just kind of turned out like this. I really like how it became though, so I am eager to record the electro version of it as well to see how that just becomes! ( it’s at instagram @l_helgaasen if you want to listen to it.

So yeah, i ll be trying to make the most of the weekend I guess, while editing the story so enjoy the Weekend!


I feel so happy to have this garden project. All the sumer I been thinking how I want to build and arrange everything in the house and garden and I just love the idea about making it just the way I want and the idea of having my own veggies and fruits and berries to eat and flowers for sure and kind of keeping the idea with usable things in the garden. So excited to get things more structured and making things happen. So I think the idea for a theme is more established with eatables and usable things in the whole garden, and trying to do as much of the work myself.

So I been researching for ideas and ways how to build fences and walls and green houses and pools and everything I need really to see it come alive. I mean it’s kind of what I want that’s sets the score for this project. And since I am leaning towards the fact of becoming a complete RAW super vegan, I am so happy to have the room to make my own veggies. So I am thinking to make rised planting containers that’s rather big to hold the fence up ( such a project digging dirt for poles I thought as well ) and make the most of the land that way as well. And also great to keep the wilderness with a clear border and keeping the dogs in the garden. So I should be posting more pictures along maybe, I seen so many nice pictures at instagram for inspiration, really awesome, so I like the transform of before and after, makes it feel a bit more doable, though right this moment it’s a right mess out in the garden I have to say. There were a herd of frogs half the sumer jumping around in what should be a lawn, and I couldn’t stand to fix the lawn therefor, they were adorable, so it’s kind of more like a field instead of a lawn at the moment. So I thought to make more concrete and gravel and more clear places for veggie patches in the garden so they prefer the bush outside the fence rather than being in the actual garden.

a RAW week

this week I have been trying to go full steam RAW food (it’s a very strict vegan way of eating, without cooking any food and without label foods, so pure veggies and fruits only and below the heat of 42 degrees celsius, super good for the wellbeing and body I think ) So besides a few bites of this and that I kept to it for the week say about 90 per cent. So the week was very forwarding in that concept so I’ll definitely try to get more of that in my way. Other than that I was feeling a bit more creative with the music starting to record a bit for new songs and writing with the piano like I used to do. That’s great to get as a groudbase to the more electronic versions I am trying to expand towards I found. So that was great.

About writing there is a set day to post this new project I am trying to write, super eager for it to be perfect, it just has to be, let’s face it, everything has to be kind of perfect in a way, and I guess in a way everything is perfect in their own ways as well, so a bit of a project getting to it and actually do it with that perfection perspective in mind, since this just has to be super perfect in somebody else’s opinion as well. So it just has to be great and good to go in a couple of weeks and it has to be absolutely perfect. But it should be doable with that timeline so hopefully the story works out. Fingers crossed.

While just hanging out doing the RAW week I realized the garden needs a good weekend to get ready for the aftersumer party, have been waiting out the summer to get to it, since it was full of frogs so its a lot to do to fix it up more than just the lawn to make it the way I want it to be for next year. So I am looking forward to a bit more energy to be in moods for starting that project prepping to be all good to go for the spring.

So it’s weekend, and I am super happy to be more stabilized with the RAW thing going, I might even post a pic of a flowery smoothie for you to enjoy!

getting in tune for weekend

Trying to get to terms with a new tune that just poped into my piano as I was just having a bit of time trying to get better at it. In a way I feel very stuck for lyrics so it was very welcome, and in a way very nice as well since it came to me in the way that I used to write my songs with the piano or guitar. (And the guitar is packed away in storage at the moment) so a bit stuck in many ways but hopefully the new tune get me out of that corner a bit. trying to make ways for it to happen anyway. So a thought about what we want to forgive and forget sometimes. I don’t think that’s a phrase that comes into my mind very often actually. but sometimes there needs to be an either way I guess, a bit of a crossroad maybe. I mean, it’s like love and hate, it’s a line in between I think, but anyway I really like this way of getting into terms with writing songs and actually figuring out more of myself in many ways while writing I guess.

detox mood

After been doing the detox cleansing fast for about three days I was super eager to get to it with my raw food, great way to boost the urge of eating raw food I guess, although felt a bit of a super need for a good portion of protein as well but I think this fasting thing was a good thing, so if I’m in the moods for it, for sure there ll be a detox fasting thing soon again. Right at this point I am though kind of in need of some stabilizing foods for a bit, let’s just say detox mood, feels better .

Been trying to be up for my normal things anyway, mostly the tv I have to say, to find inspiration to get writing and to get ideas for lyrics to a new tune I am recording and just inspiration for some pictures and a bit of everything really.

So the ‘a year as super vegan’ detox cleansing fasting thing to celebrate – check and I guess I am up for starting another year as a super vegan

New music comin’

Have to say it was a while to get that electronic version of that latest song up and posted in total, although I had decided to wait to post it until I was about certain how I wanted it to be, I usually find it kind of as a thing posting before the songs are totally done, so there is a bit of more to work with as I hear it coming when heard it for many many times, but this new song I am currently recording I feel I have to get up and posted a bit better in time. So I am trying to make more music more frequently hopefully it sounds great, and I thought about getting many of the kind of more acoustic versions of my songs in more electronic versions a bit like featured style. So that way I can be kind of busy even when lyrics are a bit further away from me as can be sometimes.

So yeah feeling happy to getting a bit of a sketch up for my new tune, exciting to see where it’s going looking forward to be posting it kind of soon hopefully

Nightshift again

After doing the detox cleanse fasting thing for three days and having a nap I am up for the night shift again. Love it. Somehow I am waiting to feel kind of renewed after this cleanse, I even thought about to continue for the week but I feel the urge for some real food as well, but I am trying to put in some clear hours towards my writing project and getting to it with the new tune I am recording. So a bit stuck with the lyrics so I thought about making sort of ft. versions out of my normal tunes. But then again I feel magnetized towards the lines coming to me with the new music so I want to continue that lead I think.

So that’s the night shift here for me hopefully getting some things squared until the morning comes along with some inspiration