When I started to write the Loyalty for ever manuscript I was a bit unsure about if to write in Swedish or English. So I had heard somewhere that it’s good to write in the native speaking language so I decided to write in Swedish. Although we are bilingual and do speak English with a daughter that’s sometimes more English than Swedish it was a bit tricky to decide, since the way to express is actually different regarding to what language we are in.

So anyway, the loyalty for ever is written in Swedish but with very English mixed within maybe, specially since the story is set in England by the sea mostly and Stockholm. So after much thought I decided to rewrite the script to an English version, I felt a bit tempted and led in that way so that’s what I am working with at the moment.

It’s been a while since I wrote it and it’s kind of exiting to go through and step it up a bit with rewriting it and I decided to find professional readers to work with me through the story aswell so that’s how I think I am progressing with that, so I guess full steam forward.


Being a creative human being is sometimes kind of a project, for me most of it comes down to time. It’s all these earthly things that goes around in the normal days that makes the days where it actually is possible to let that force out, is very special days. Saving up for those days can then sometimes be even more of a project, to keep the ideas in mind until there is enough spare time to let it out. And for me anyway it’s very out of schedule, it’s just by feeling

So that’s why I think a creative house a bit away would work so good for us, to get in phase with creativity and connect the being there with the force kind of thing. I have this picture in my mind of a big sign of an arrow in a Happy house, with the roadsign pointing forward towards happiness unlimited.

So that’s the picture I have in mind and I guess there is somethings left behind from that picture, and I avoid to look backwards standing infront of my roadsign at this point. Somethings just have to become, ‘been’ and left at that happy memories. Just as a picture that is painted, is already painted.


Met a friend in a pub today in Stockholm, it’s been a while since we met, I think it’s been a year or more even; it was great to meet again anyway.

It’s noticeable how things turn depending on what company is with when meeting someone, especially when meeting people only so often and it’s been a while, I enjoy the energy that gets around us when we meet, and I was thinking about how different that united energy cloud surrounding people is, depending on what kind of person you meet. And I also thought about how does that cloud of energy become from another persons perspective when I am in it? How other people view me. Kind of what do we bring to the table?

So happy day after all I have to say and I am a bit more and better inspired tonight thanks to a good friend

Super Girl

Spent the day with super girl doing a bit of recycling and helping to drive a stool for a piano. So I have to say a super day with supergirl made my day

Just got home to the project of organizing the flat/ apartment with going through things to keep or throw and give to charity so charityshop will probably have some work to do when we are all set here so that’s great

Being January the patio needed a bit of upgrading as well so that’s all nice now

Looking forward to a bit more daylight I have to say but I heard there is already signs of spring here in town so that might be in the right direction

Writers den

After been sitting in the flat, in random hotels, in the car, in restaurants, in cafés, standing, sitting, walking, almost dancing, with a view, just screen magnetized, I think you get it; a writers den would be nice. I spent a lot of time sitting in my walk in closet writing and that kind of worked as a den since it was a good room with sound absorbing materials and a bit tucked away from ordinary stuff, so I liked that. Hotels are great to get things done as well, I seem to write and be more creative when traveling. And traveling in general seem to boost my writings a bit. The sofa is good but a bit of distractions around. So the conclusion is that I am thinking about getting a writers den. It would be amazing. Or maybe an artistic creative space for all things that we like to do. Kind of a clear space to upgrade the projects and be more serious about things maybe. Have to think it through a bit more though.

Until I figured it out and until then, I am trying to make things work out here in Sweden and looking forward to see where it brings us.


What differens great music can do. Have spent the evening organizing the flat with great music, getting so much done. Just at the moment with music going sitting down to getting the story a bit closer to the end. Feeling great. Found a band that I used to listen to years and years ago and that returned right to my playlist. So good.

I love music, all sorts of music I have to say, being somebody that used to write a lot of my own music with guitar and piano to go, I guess that make sense to love music. So without set genres I am most happy. I like the rock scene maybe a lot more some years ago, but I am comfortable with all kinds of music, even opera that I would really like to explore the grounds a bit more, even started an Italian for beginners to figure out what they sing about. So yeah I guess I am a keen music person.

Other than that making more room in the flat /apartment is the project. Being in Stockholm square footage is kind of amazing to have so I am trying to make the most of it.

So am looking forward to a new week starting, with a lot to do, hopefully some progress with my manuscript after all people might be back from Hollidays this week. I saw pictures of tree blossoms in Stockholm city today, unreal, so I have to go see that I think and get some pics of that. In the meantime, Peace and enjoy the week coming.

Waste of time

Sometimes night time seem so much easier to get through. I love driving at night, being here in Sweden this has got to be great place to be with nighttime driving since the nighttime kind of starts at four a clock in the afternoon. It’s also a lot of great tv shows at night so that’sreally good too and it’s also a great time to snooze mode into writing something smart I guess….

Spent the day waiting to get inspired enough to clean the flat, wasting time I guess but I have to say it was well needed recharging in the sofa watching tv to figure out what to write about and being updated with the worldly matters.

Other than that happy enough to see things för what they are and sometimes it’s a waste to just let things roll further depending on direction. So to chuck things in the bin can maybe sometimes be very revealing rather than hard work with just clean results at the end of the day, I guess.

At the moment I just need a perfect dream to go with this evening to feel a bit more like it’s forever lasting


I was hanging out writing my new story yesterday, trying to get as much sunlight as possible during the day, amazing that just daylight can do such difference. Picking up daughter from school, celebrating weekend, yipiiiii, and just looking at tv shows enjoying the evening as much as possible.

It’s pitch dark outside, I guess it’s morning looking forward to the days getting longer I have to say, but it’s cosy anyways. So the day just started, weekend, and lots to do.

Enjoy the day, good morning.


Today I spent the day recycling garbage, meeting a friend at the airport and school started again after the Hollidays for my daughter, so driving there and picking her up. So I had some spare time to go sit at a cafe and get my new story a bit more organized.

So been kind of busy all day and just sat down to think things through a bit more in the evening whilst waiting to watch my favorite tv shows. I love the renovating houses and buy property shows and I also enjoy the conspiracy shows and Ancient Aliens and projekt blue book and shows like that. Some people think it’s a waste of time watching tv, I think it’s regenerating and reflecting getting inspiration. Waste of time is maybe more to go to the recycling centre…. I just want to make stuff out of all the garbage, it’s just so much matter going to waste.

So whilst wasting matter sometimes gets in the way of our daily business I just have to think how it would be with a little village just built out of waste materials found at the recycle centre.


I used to write about the market of trading, I love CFD trading and I have to say that Brent oil has been my favorite for a long time. Since I decided to write about more common things, since there is more to my life than Brent oil, or I would sincerely wish that there was more to my life than that, the big thing is then what to focus on writing then. Yeah I am somebody that is writing and writing and wanting and wanting and aiming and doing and a person that enjoy the longing somehow and creating the way there I guess. Sometimes I wonder is there actually more to us than the conspiracies that surround us or the conspiracies that should surround us to get us a bit smarter? I am trying to se above all that to just have a clear picture of reality I guess. But being a person that is writing Science fiction mixed with adventure stories and fiction in general, there is a lot of power to go with the undefined reality.

So I guess I am trying to puzzle the pieces together, mostly in my stories but also in general with ordinary day topics and doings, whilst hanging out here in Stockholm I am mostly waiting for something to happen I guess, while trying to create something to happen, expand somethings that works in my universe at the moment and in my directions. And whist waiting, I am being kind of happy.

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