Made a picture to my new song Unfold

The piano came, so happy, after weeks waiting for the delivery I spent the night putting it together and then a bit more of the night enjoying it. Absolutely Love it.

So the idea of a home studio is getting clearer. Very happy about that.

So after the nightshift with that I am probably up for a night following the election Trump or Biden. Me being in Sweden, It’s great with the timezones since being mostly #athome tend to have me up late nights at the moment.

So this day is probably spent in Pyjamas #athome


So yeah, the Me is back with more music, got a bit more inspired to continue to get this song completed – Let the words unfold. I hope you like it 🙂

I was thinking a lot about how to get the lyrics the way I wanted in this song and there might even be a newer version as well when I have melted it a bit more.

Hopefully it’s a bit more music coming soon, being a bit more #athome might get the inspiration flowing


Today we were trying to buy a radiator for the balcony (I was literary spending the night with socks and hats to be warm enough) (the balcony also being my bedroom).

So with the new restrictions, about isolation, we had to get out shopping a bit for radiators and stock up the flat a bit. So we decided to spend the day shopping for necessities while being out anyway. So the flat is kind of packed with toilet papers and things like that, all good to go for if there would be a major lockdown.

After the day out and about I was so surprised there was only about, roughly counted, 5% wearing facemasks, and so many people out just like any normal day I would say. I wonder if they were even reading the news with the restrictions, well anyway, we decided to be as much as possible isolated from now and wore face masks when in shops keeping distance as well. In the news it’s a lot about people traveling for the autumn Hollidays (there is a week of Hollidays in Sweden ) so it’s a busy weekend here so we are being a bit out of the way for that.

So I guess for Christmas wishes it’s mostly pyjamas outfits and warm socks this year. I am mostly looking forward to be cuddled up at the balcony (hopefully warm enough) and getting to it with my writings and making more music so being #athome for a bit might be kind of good


Been spending the day shopping around a bit, since a lockdown or a bit of isolation seem to be coming the way here, as most places these days, we decided to grab the day by the balls and get some shopping done.

So after getting new nails, a bit of home decorations, a bit of clothes and a bit of everything needed really, we are being a bit in the more unsocial timezone again. Self isolation as much as we can I think.

I am really comfortable out at the balcony as my bedroom, and it’s great for the light is getting there a bit more, (it’s like a sunroom / conservatory ) think it’s so nice anyway to be able to be a bit more creative, as the light brings to me the energy needed to be so.

That said, room for the music studio was created in the flat. So I am super happy to get that project started and most of all super happy to be able to make more music, so excited. New songs coming pretty soon.

After getting the puppy (Henry) we have been out a lot more and I think it really does make a difference, love it, so especially being more in the isolation mode I am so so happy that we bought him so we get to be out a bit more.

So yeah after moving furnitures around a bit and getting things for the flat to entertain us, I am up for being a bit more #athome for a while.


With the school in holiday for the week coming we decided to be a bit unsocial again. I really like a bit of isolation to be honost, I am trying to get my new script all edited and good to go so that’s being a bit unsocial anyway.

being in the unsocial timezone I woke up at the sofa in the middle of the night, so nice with flexible hours I think, I really like to just let the times happen as it comes. So it’s the night shift out at the balcony trying to get the script all good to go. Love it.

Sounds maybe freezing with the balcony I realized but the fact is that it’s glassed in and I put a good heater and isolated it a bit, bought even more isolation so it’s a bit of a project to get it all nice, but it works and it works great, I use it as a bedroom and it’s so nice to be a bit out of the way from it all (kind of needed when trying to write and concentrate). So I love my bedroom at the balcony. I’ll try and make pictures when the project with doing a bit of floors and moving some furnitures around.


Weekend mornings are so great I think. So I got up just after dawn and went on a walk with Henry the pup (he is a bit bigger now so he can actually go for a long walk). Realized that our calming morning walk was being thought of to a lot of others as well so we met more dogs during the weekend morning walk than Henry has met before. Super happy pup! So that was a bit unforeseen but great for Henry who got to meet lots of dogs to run around with. So happy Henry is having a nap in the sofa eager for a weekend morning walk again.

I just cuddled up in bed again (on the balcony) to continue editing a bit of the story I am writing and also getting to it with a new song I am recording this weekend.

Decided to make more room in the apartment more permanently so I decided to insulate the balcony a bit more to keep having it as a bedroom throughout the year. So hopefully it works, it was warmer out at the balcony than in the actual apartment this night when I was trying it out, although being in Sweden it kind of depends on how warm the winters going to be I guess, it’s above freezing so I might have to insulate it even more and get more heating sources as well when it turns. But it works for now and it’s great being out there its a bit like a sunroom or green house or something so I love it.

Anyways enjoy the weekend!

Going Vegan

I decided a while back to go vegan for a while to try it out. After being off and on vegetarian for ever and being total vegetarian for years I decided to try it out. So being totally plant based is almost like traveling so far, I love it. It’s all these new foods and things to try out, very similar to being in another country going to the supermarket trying out all the new stuff to eat. So the idea was to try it out for a month or something to see if it was any good. And I loved it.

So since I mostly eat raw ish foods anyway, and try to buy organic as well as un processed it kind of fits my way and I feel really happy about it.

So yeah I think I’ll continue the vegan lifestyle and I found great inspiration at instagram for new ways of thinking regarding food. I think it’s so great to focus more to what is good for us and works with our beings and wellbeings rather than focusing just to what looks good and style and other body ideals ( being happy doing that is great too). But going vegan has made me very happy in many other ways and made me feel good about myself, more consciousness, and focusing more to feeling good and be better, I feel, so I think I’ll continue to explore that subject.

Sunday again

Looking forward to a new week again trying to get it all together for the week.

I am trying to get a bit of new music up as well, have an idea for a new song that should be posted at some point and trying to get a good enough recording of a song I was writing a while back. So that is goals for the week. up with a new song.

Henry the puppy is doing great, he is amazing so cuddly and just perfect in every aspect. So adorable, it really was a great idea to get him, we are so happy about that. He has learned to wave his paw at command, adorable. If there was more of him, I would buy them all 🙂

So yeah spending the Sunday just doing a bit of everything getting it all good to go for the week coming. Enjoy Sunday 🙂

A hectic week

Been looking forward to this weekend for the week I think, back to normalities again with ordinary days = so great with weekends sometimes.

Managed to get a lot of things done this week though so that is great and even more to do during the weekend I guess.

I am so excited to get into more music soon I have to figure out more of the technical bits to record things the way I want to and become a bit more professional so I am looking forward to expand all of that as much as I can really.

Other than that – been pretty busy with Henry the puppy and make everything work around having a puppy. So that was awesome to get him, best thing ever, we are so happy 🙂 Since we love to travel usually, we now been at home so much so we thought to get a puppy to have something to do instead of traveling, so that was a great thing to get instead of traveling I think and if we like to travel more again at some point we can just bring him, he is kind of a mini so he is great to bring with when traveling. Super cute.

Been getting into it a bit more with photography, that I love, so I had to figure out a bit ‘how to’ technical things about that, but we had a session with good pics so that was awesome. So more pictures at the blog then maybe.

The plug?

So yeah summer seem to be a bit far away at the moment, but I really like the autumn as well especially with the camera now and with all turning leaves.

A bit of pictures from the swimmingpool with aspiring model daughter this picture kind of worked both ways I thought for fun

So this way or 180 degrees round to the sunny side up?

Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic weekend with lots of inspiring and happy things to do.