Happily ever after

Reflecting over things achieved in the year 2019, to make a good list for the year coming with setting goals, checking boxes and kind of setting the road to come.

I wrote the manuscript ‘Loyalty for ever’ in that year, 2019, that was one of the set goals and a big achievement and a long lasting goal so I am so happy to find that in the box of 2019, at the end of the year. And I have to say that I look forward to continue the story about the sisters this year 2020. So the goal about a trilogy about ‘Unifying species’ and the adventures with the sisters; might be getting there.

Years ago I had for a study or goal or New Years resolution or something to become a better human being and that kind of stuck with me a bit for a long time after. Today like years away since I even thought about it I can honestly say that it made a big difference to me to reflect over that. How to become a better human being, I mean everybody kind of doing the way they think is the best way, other ways one changes to a better being, right? It makes more sense today than then I think, but it became a ground to being me. And I can really tell how it affected me and how I choose to be, in so many ways. It made me a lot of who I am today and drew a path of being nice if that make sense. So the power of a New Years resolution can sometimes be bigger than even thought and a change can start in so many ways and have a lot of impact in many ways. That whole thing made me kind I have to say, as conclusion.

So maybe to expand and continue the stories as a trilogy this year is on top of the list and get to that line where they all live happily ever after, that would be an amazing feeling.


New Years resolutions

A decade of being

The year started perfect, there could have been a kiss, there could have been champagne, there could have been a sparkling superdress, but I have to say; it was perfect. Found this day somewhere in between the ends and the beginnings by feeling kind of like being something similar to a blank page to be filled

So first day of the year today and I am figuring out how to spend it most sufficiently. Wasting no time was the subject to be specific. So we have a decade to fill with everything we love and want to do, that’s great, how grateful we all should be for just that, it’s like having a big box to fill with all things that makes us happy, we are so lucky to be here in that way, without even reflecting over things like that very often

So making the most of the year and the decade and for ever and make the most of any opportunities there to be found in the way, I guess. Resolutions or just trying to make room for Me in this place that is commonly known as our home seems to be the thing to do

So I guess it’s somehow a new world to wake up to today, the world of 2020 and I am looking forward to look forward and fill a full decade with joy and have a continues Happy new year

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