Sunday Morning

The best day of the week I think, I just love Sundays. Got up super early, it’s night outside, and so cosy all curled up in the duvet blanket starting the writing for the day. I had a tune in my mind so the music should be going to something today as well. Saturday I was out walking for some hours so most of the day went to that and just getting back to normals after been out traveling and just general hanging out. So hopefully a bit more creativity coming my way today. It’s been beautiful weather as well so I might get the camera out for a session as well.

So yeah happy Sunday


I love to travel. This week I was doing the train buss thing for a bit, since I was without car, and it felt like being out traveling again. So with things a bit more back to normal again after the pandemic I might as well get going places again. I, as I think most people, have been thinking about what to do after the pandemic. So there is a bit of a bucket list I guess. There are so many places I would like to see. And I been researching travel ideas a bit as well.

But most of all I love to travel to places I kind of feel in my place at. I am a bit of a person of habit, so I really enjoy going places many times, I have my favorite places that I love to return to. So the English seaside town where we sometimes comes to stay a bit is probably at the top of my bucket list. I just love to walk the beaches any time of the year and we were just about to create a habit of doing the Christmas Holliday there since we had been for some times. I would also like to see new places and travel around. So that brings the subject of christmas Holliday to the page. aaaaaaaaaa what to do for christmas and New Years? I am kind of in a place where new traditions are welcome. We used to travel for the Hollidays although this year I think we’ll be doing vegan christmas and super decorating the house. Hopefully it feels a bit like traveling as well.


Today been busy with general things, trying to be up for the snow coming. Realizing there’s a lot to do. And just waiting to be able to sit down and do my things as I want to a bit more. So with getting the heating system checked, boxed as unchecked still, but anyway a bit of time wasted with the normal things I guess. So I really am looking forward to just being able to sit down and just get into my stories and my music at the moment.

Up for the night shift so hopefully I get in the mood for a bit of it though.

i was going through instagram realizing I am actually really close to being a fruitarian, feels amazing. Even I am surprised! I been transitioning towards that direction for almost about a year, and at this point I am comfortable with this lifestyle and way of eating. It works great for me, although I had a bit of a set back as I overate a bit of algae, but I am feeling better so I guess it’s back to the raw dishes again, things that is just getting used to other products and ways of eating, I guess. Also realized, as I was traveling a bit, that being RAW food eater is a bit of a project as I needed to go to normal restaurants. So there is a certain per cent of eating this way that I have to figure out how to deal with. I guess it’s just figuring out ways to do it as it comes.

Although I thought the biggest things for me to transform into was to skip the coffee ( OMG, but it works super fine after getting used to it ) and to get from the gluten was a bit tricky as well, I graded it out for a while and also just the starchy things, like the things normally eaten with foods the carbs things usually, like the pasta, the rice, potatoes, breads, all of that was a bit of a project mostly to figure out how to and what to eat instead. So I would say a qualified guess is that it’s about 90 per cent raw for me as it stands. With my idea being to be at RAW for the weekdays and maybe if I have to dine out or something sometimes, just for the weekends, that’s fine. But at a total vegan way then. So I am happy with that! It was a big transition I have to say after about a year to find the ways!

So yeah a post about being RAW vegan / fruitarian kind of puts a further push at myself in that direction even more!

I love the nightshift

Up for the nightshift here in the studio to be. Aiming to get my new draft to a book manuscript good to go at some point. I just love to be up for the night and get my stories going the way they do. letting the fantasy run wild. So yeah, I made a timeline for the script to be clear I am writing to meet my goals as I am trying to find the new story to come after this trilogy I been writing for ages. So I am both eager to find my new characters and ideas to start in the upcoming after this script, as well as I am super attached to the story I am currently writing eager to get with everything that I wanted to write. So I gess it’s just to the continue getting the thing going that solves the roads to come, even for me.

Normal things out here in the bush is just normal I guess, turning leaves and crisp air and great to have a radiator, that’s setting the tune for sure. So happy to sit all cuddled up in the duvet dreaming away and writing about warmer latitudes I guess. Well it’ll be spring soon and if I am writing to keep the warmth up I might have been writing another trilogy in total by then hahahahaha.

So yeah holding on to the nightshift to get things good to go is the strategy for me this weekend. I hope you enjoy it as well!


Up for the nightshift here, getting to it with starting recording a new tune and writing. I just love to sit up at nights and write and do music and do everything that I love to do! And it’s even better at the weekends!

Today I went minor shopping and had a late lunch out in a town. It was a while since I had been out as such it felt like, and it was delicious. I been mostly with the RAW vegan stuff lately so it was really nice with a more steady meal. So that was great.

Besides that the day went by with telly to get inspiration for new things that I want to do. And more conclusions to fix the house a bit rather than actually making it happen. So a lot to do this weekend to try and organize things a bit more and recordings and getting to it with the manuscript I am currently writing.

Many posts about weekends hahahaha I just love weekends I guess!

So happy weekend!

NEW Music

Got inspired to write a new song lately and I been recording today. I find it great to listen to my music and develop it a bit after I have made my songs, so this time I tried to make a sketch version waiting to record the total so I get a feel for how I want it to be.

It’s posted at instagram Flow -LINN * DaVerde ( work in progress )

I also managed to get my soundcloud going again, I was posting some songs a while back and I thought to be more out there maybe so it’s posted there as well if you want to listen it’s this link

So right at this point I am up for the night shift getting to it with writing. I am so eager to get this finale thing to my trilogy good to go. And since I have decided to write in English I have decided to translate all my scripts to English as well. Rewrite and turn them into English that is. I really look forward to that!

So a snack and getting to it and a bit of telly for inspiration and the nightshift is good to go

My Tuesday

Today I spent the day with a bit of everything, I was out for a while going to a waterfall or a river or stream, the definition I am a bit unclear of, but it was super nice! It was actually so nice so I got inspired to my music with the scenery and started to record the song, waterfalls, that I spent most of the day recording since. So new music on the way.

Besides that I am trying to get in mood for cooking something, I am as much as possible with the RAW thing, so I made a sunflower seed creamy sauce with nutritional yeast that was kind of eatable the other week so I think it’s zucchini bits, I usually shred them into raw ‘pasta’ bits. So I am up for that as I write about it. RAW Vegan style Mac and cheese hahahaha.

So I have to get to it in the kitchen actually, might post a picture of it sometime it’s delicious!

New Week

Been spending the weekend super boosted about the manuscript being posted, and been catching up with a bit of sleep and a bit of everything really since that. and I was really just stood for it, wondering what to write about in the upcoming, usually I am kind of in my way in my thought already when my stories get to that point. So I was a bit like a blank paper about it all. Since I was writing English, I decided I wanted to continue that track so I started to write something with that. and then I thought I should continue with translating my previous scripts into English to get the language going as well. And I had the final part of a trilogy I am writing, that is kind of half way through, so I thought to get that going again and posted to start with and continue the English novella / short story going for the language and if I am stuck I can get translating the other scripts. So that’s my schedules with that. The trilogy script should really have been done a while back but I wrote the English script in between so I guess it’s a good enough excuse time wise. I am trying to be more productive unwasting time.

The music, a bit stuck for it I guess, sometimes I feel it’s waves with the music, but in a way I consider adding to the music product with even listening to music and singing in the car to the radio, sometimes it gets the tunes a step up, more than actually getting new tunes done, it’s bringing maybe more into it I feel. And sometimes it’s new tunes coming to me more often and sometimes it’s the a new version or direction in a tune that does it. I guess it’s listening to my senses in a way that gets it going. So I am up for inspiration to a new tune, anyway

So I guess I am up for some inspiration to get things going here while continuing things my way

My Friday

After a hectic week with getting my latest script all good to go (and starting to write a new script) it’s finally Friday. Super happy to have posted the script with it being the first written in English for me. And I am going to hold on to that tune and continue to write in that way. So unwasting time with just starting the script to come to keep the language progress going. I felt my language develop a lot as I was writing, and with language being a bit of a fresh thing I think I just need to keep going.

So yeah, the Friday I spent out and about catching up with household things and grocery shopping after the week and I even got to a cafe to celebrate. So happy! And exhausted! So without even thinking about it I just woke up in the middle of the night, feeling all up for it again! And realizing I hadn’t been doing my leafy green smoothie, and as the ocd person I am, I just had to make a smoothie in the middle of the night then hahahahaha. So, enjoying the nightshift with a smoothie and feeling awesome and so, so, happy that I finally posted that manuscript!

Happy weekend!