Pj Sessions II / Loved by You

Continuing the early bird sessions in the pyjamas, jamming away with the piano hahahaha. So I was up way before dawn starting to record some live / acoustic music this morning of the New song I am just recording an electro version of to be released kind of soon. So the ground base version is the acoustic version that I just recorded as the daylight rose. So nice.

I was supposed to be up for the Crock pot Cartel Radio show last night but I am somehow in the really early morning mode so I have to turn it around somehow to be more synchronized with most of the music people. But I have to say these mornings are a bit productive and inspiring. So I was up for the recorded version of the show listening and it’s the best 🙂 So I am defiantly posting my new song for review when it starts to get a bit more ready.

So yeah an acoustic morning with some recording sets the tones for the day I guess, an awesome way to start the day 🙂

Loved by you is ‘under construction* and it’s made with a collaboration in mind from the beginning in the more EDM genre, so electronic music and it’s under construction with the lyrics as well, so it’s work in progress. It’s a song about the happy days I guess and maybe even being synchronized somehow, a thought about what brings us together somehow. And I mean everybody wants and needs to be loved I think, it’s a heavy subject I been trying to put a thought into I guess, I guess ultimately it’s about the vibe and feeling that being loved and appreciated brings. The sparkle that it brings, I guess. Something like that 🙂

So yeah I hope you are having a great weekend and that you like the Pj sessions 🙂

Loved by You ( acoustic ) – LINN ( p’j sessions )

Pj Sessions

I just love mornings and sometimes being at home a bit mornings kind of often feels like the perfect time for acoustic music. It’s the time of the day that I usually am most creative. So I tend to be with the piano this time of the day sometimes. So I started to record my acoustic sessions, as acoustic mornings, with ‘Pj sessions’ ( tho any dj’s wanting to collaborate is perfectly welcome ) hahahaha.

So with this morning session I recorded the ground base version of the song Begin’, and that’s usually how I make my music, I start with a piano or a guitar idea and an idea for lyrics and then just get spinning. And then it gets into directions. With this particular song there is an electronic version recorded and this acoustic version was how it all started. Sometimes even I am wondering what I dedicate my music to. I guess in this song there is many forms of input towards the lyrics, a very special situation for a person I knew is a big part of it I have to say without getting into subjects but it got me thinking in terms of forgiveness and how to get forward with things From situations I guess. Being kind of humble since everybody have their story to tell and sometimes somebody else are telling another persons perspective as well, and without ever judging each other I think the world would be a better place with that in mind, since most people have learned from the past and base their coming ways with that experience making them even better forward. I believe in that. And I would love to see people strive forward in a more humble perspective seen from outside looking in many times. I mean everything brings ‘the forward’ and the people with the most extreme experiences might be the wisest right?

So basically it’s a song about New beginnings and being humble towards each other and being there for somebody sometimes making the alignments for somebody’s wish to come around…

I hope you Love it 🙂

Begin’ Pj sessions – LINN
Begin’ – LINN DaVerde – the Electronic version that it then became


While recovering a bit from the bus thing the other day I realized I needed some items from the shop so I just had to get out and grab it today. Felt a lot better so it was a joy even. Nice but freezing weather. Been hunting around for my music items as well, although it seems like tech items are generally delayed due to the pandemic. I continued the survival project and heard that the prepping industry is up about 400% in sales, it kind of felt good to hear since there must be more people than me thinking in theses terms nowadays. So I grabbed a specific radio that was with solar panel and normal batteries and worked as a charger for phones and things as well. And some plastic that can work as green house plastic.

I was out eating lunch at a restaurant, and I just think it’s so funny when many restaurants say they are without the option of Vegan salads (!). I mean come on. So the other day I brought a jar of arctiflowers for my salad, ( that was very vegan and RAW ) to the restaurant I was eating in. But I actually found a salad bar that kind of works great, and they had some pickles as well so that’s really nice and guacamole that is very good to actually get a bit full as well. Usually RAW vegan dishes are a bit bigger and I really like to have like a more solid thing to my salads to actually get full. If I only eat a little salad and a few slice tomato I mean there has to be more calorie dense things in a good meal as well, basically. As well as for proteins and things like that. So in many salad dishes they come as a base salad topped with a meat or fish or something. And for me it works with that bit to be more like sun-dried tomatos, avocado, artichokes, something like that to build a good meal. But it’s defiantly in the right direction, and being out in the small towns where people tend to hunt and fish their own and they eat moose and things like that, I am super happy to even have found a salad bar. In bigger cities there are a lot more options as a RAW vegan, there is even restaurants in that genre. So over all super happy with that since I can actually go to a restaurant and get a normal plate of salad rather than having to bring like ten bananas for my dinner out hahahahaha.

Super happy to be in some music collaborations as well, so excited to hear how that comes out. Defiantly at a happier note 🙂 So there is probably some really nice music coming soon, super excited about that. So there is New music coming for lyrics that I was writing a while back that I am really looking forward to hear, ( I love the lyrics for that song so I think it can be something awesome ). And I am recording the ‘Loved by you’ song as well, and that song is mine in total original version but it was written for a specific collaboration in more electronic music ways so I really am looking forward to the progress with that. And somebody came to me from another collaboration with New music needing vocals and lyrics, so I am recording that at the moment as well, I really find it a lot more inspiring when there is a bit of an idea and lead into the song when I make lyrics for them like that so this project is perfect. Super excited about that collaboration and that’s more in the EDM digital music genre as well. So it feels like that’s the way forward and I really like that. Meeting New people and make music, the best thing I can think of.

So yeah I am up for the weekend coming and I hope you are enjoying it as well 🙂

At a happier note

After spending the day at home ( self isolating anyway and haling from the incident you might have red the previous post Yesterday, it’s found at the bottom of this page where you can go back and forward in the blogposts ) Anyways, I got super inspired as a song got sent to me for some lyrics and vocals, so I got straight out of my ‘bubble of unwritten things and normal supressions’ that I been in for a while lately, and got right to it. So I recorded the afternoon and evening to find a way for this New song coming to come forward and working it’s ways, I even forgot I was generally f..ucked from Yesterday’s bus thing. Hahahahaha. So feeling a lot better thanx so much for sending me the song if you read this, I love it 🙂 It’s a great tune and I think it will be posted sometime kind of soon when it’s good to go.


Yesterday I was out continuing my prepp shopping for good things to have during a situation. So I was preparing for my survival garden and was out to see what else I could find, like a battery radio and things like that. I stuffed some more veggies in the freezer and found lots of things that might be good to have. Then I went to get home again from that small town, and what happens, I am standing at the pavement beside the road and get hit by a bus (!) ( like swept over from behind) A big bus came and swung it’s behind bit over the pavement as it turned, so I was absolutely flying with my shopping trolly, fell completely over, and the bus driver just drove away. Unbelievable. So I was kind of screaming a bit I think since a gentleman was running over from a bit away to help out. Luckily I was clear out of the way and could stand up as a normal person a bit ripped jeans and generally f….cked. But I was good enough to be as normal as I can be, and just a bit f..ucked. So I been in bed all day to day just Netflix and youtubeing, kind of sore, ( well kind of super sore ) tho really glad to be well.

So yeah I think I’ll just be hanging out at home for some days, I mean the sign of that might be to stay at home a bit more… So I am happy to be having the cabinets kind of stuffed with veggies at home at the moment. And since the pandemic numbers seem to be running wild I am kind of happy to just be at home for a bit anyway.


I spent the day running around in shops for seeds for my miniature garden project, I mean I been a bit into the prepping thing before, and with the Baltic Sea thing going on, I defiantly want to make sure I am doing what I can to be as safe as can be in any situation. Hopefully the situation smoothes and things stabilize a bit tho, it would feel a bit nicer I think.

So I was getting a lot of seeds for coliflower and celery and cucumbers tomatoes, all sorts of things, eatables. So I am excited to get things started. I bought radishes, since they are eatable in about just 20-25 days. So it’s exciting to see if I can make it for a month with just things from the garden, so I thought about doing a 30 day challenge in the sumer.

Waiting for some music equipment to get here, hopefully soon. So I can start to record some music again. Even thought about building a miniature stage hahahahahaha I want to get out gigging and just grabbing the guitar for the night at home might fix the urge and get me even better at it. So an ‘at home stage’ hahahahahaha. Better hold myself from stagediving hahahahaha.

And other than that a bit of the general BS per usual I guess. Trying to avoid it all as much as I possibly can. So everything kind of nice, evening, cozy and pampered, about to check a bit more and research and a bit of Netflix to feel a bit more up to date with it all. Peace 🙂


I decided to try to build a cat climber for my cats out of real logs of wood, kind of like peeled tree and rope and tires and with shelfs for them to do their thing in, so I been collecting materials for that today out in the bush. So that is a great project I found and I hope it works since I tend to buy new climbing equipment for them ever so often.

Other than that I been cleaning the house a bit and just hanging out waiting for some music equipment I ordered to come so I can record music better and things like that. I realized I can make my own ‘milk’ with a towel and a mixer and any form of nuts and sunflower seeds. So I am testing that out since I found the hazelnut tree just outside. So I tried to make it with a bit of cashews and hazelnuts and sunflower seeds and walnuts. It was actually really nice. A bit of a project to get it neatly through the towel to drain off the bits of nuts for a smooth milky texture. But I think we’ll get better as I goes. So I squeezed it out over a frying pan and that was a good idea, I think it can last some days in the fridge as well, so it’s just really the thing to do like twice a week or something to have a good ‘milk’ supply. I just mixed about two handfull of nuts with about 5 dl water until it was watery with small bits in it, next time I thought to add a date, I heard thats good for the taste, but it was really good anyway, and then I squeezed it through a kitchen towel, I bet a pillow cover would be awesome since its in a cone shape in a corner 🙂 so I’ll try that. And then I saved the bits of nuts that was in the towel, its really good for use in baking and in food and with making nice balls of some kind like chocolate balls and things like that. I am gonna try to use the ‘pulp’ again for a second milk round and top it off with a bit of fresh nuts to see if it works. I thought it was awesome. So I thought about getting an almond tree and a walnut tree for the purpose of making own ‘dairy’ products for year round supply. There is ways to make cheese and things like that from the milk as well. And I was reading about how to make ‘yogurt’ with it and getting fermenting going for ‘sour cream’ and good gut bacterias. So that would be awesome to have a good organic supply for my RAW food gardening project.

So yeah Sunday, again, I love Sundays, and I am glad I got up and out and grabbed the materials for my cat climbers and started to actually do something creative here in my self isolation.

Prepared II

Continuing the research for my RAW food survival gardening project. I think I have been reading just about all the magazines about gardening for fruit and veggies. Found the magazine app I am using to be really awesome for gardening magazines. So really looking forward to warmer weather and starting the project. The general BS has been intense here lately, somehow. And things like that does affect me. So I defiantly am looking forward to a better feeling about it, I have to say. But at the moment I am trying to avoid thinking so much about it and just research what I want to and put energy into things instead of letting it get to me so much. So I thought about making an own YouTube series of my indoor gardening project. I mean however the worldly matter turns I would be super happy to have bunches of fresh celery for making juice that I can just harvest at home. So I think it’s a great project. And if the shit really hits the fan, I mean then I’ll be fine with just having veggies per usual.

So i am looking forward to just get in the mood for some ordinary music making, hopefully soon, again 🙂

Get prepared

So, I had a couple of days with a bit of ‘the general bullshit’ going. I mean sometimes reality matters. I can sit here in my dream bubble and dream away and write philosophical things about this and that and try to make the world a better place in as many ways as I can think of. And then there is the bare raw reality. So busy days in a way lately I have to say. Aaaaaaaaaaaa.

Was spending the day out in a small town grabbing groceries, packing the cabinets as full as I can at the moment. Super exited to see the spring items starting to pop into the shops, like gardening things and veggie patches things, since I decided to create a ‘survival garden’ in the house. So I decided to build like a greenhouse and things like that to produce a good amount of my own veggies. Turning all ‘normal flowers’ into having eatables in the windows instead. I mean I am kind of lucky to be off the habit of meat and dairies anyway ( and gluten ) since I just mostly eat raw uncoocked veggies and fruits and berries and a bit nuts anyway. And I am used to that and have already came off the habits kind of. So I rather be prepared, especially with the situations in Europe going on, maybe it’s in the news worldly, maybe it’s just a Big thing here. Well, I can read the news 30 times a day in a normal day and lets just say I been kind of busy lately. Especially since the peace situation in parts of Europe is more in a wobble than what is comfortable for me, at the moment. So I am preparing to be as self sufficient as I can be for many reasons maybe, and ready to scale it up if I need to in any given situation. Even thought about getting quails to have egg supply for my pets for food if the situations roll off completely. I mean, Better safe than sorry, right?

So I am self isolating a bit, and I am kind of comfortable with that. I avoid the grocery shops as much as I can. So it would be ideal to just grab a basket of kiwis from the living room for dinner without even having to get to the shops so often. So I am going for that a bit. I even found a hazelnut tree just outside the house that I should be able to grab hazelnuts from after the sumer to make my own nut milks and ‘dairy’ products with. And it would be nice to have the cabinets full of jars from the sumer stocked up for year round with all organic home made items, if I need to. So I been researching a lot about homesteading and green houses and build this and that to make it happen. So I realized there are more people actually thinking about things like this, and I mean it kind of feels a bit better, since even I was wondering if it was a bit ‘out there’. But then again, I rather have an idea about what I can do and what I should do in any given situation, If all hell runs wild, as I have thought about it and prepared as much as I can for any situation that I can prepare my way through. So I kind of feel it’s good to get going, should have done this and that yesterday. So I guess I prefer to think about things like that and especially with things like that going on.

So yeah, busy days lately and I am looking forward to warmer weather and spring coming so I can get my first buckets of tomatoes going.


Today I spent the day researching some things. I thought about grabbing a class online with French and learn that, since I have basic knowledge, ( very basic ) it would be so awesome to be more speakable in French. So that might be a project to spend sometime with. It’s kind of rare to listen to and speak French in normal day to day I found, and I mean learning a language is maybe easier to do when being in the middle of it a bit, so might be a project to travel a bit to French speaking countries then to get it going when the world is a bit more normal again. I was in Paris some years back, and was chatting away with the taxi driver, in French, and as we got to the hotel, somebody at the hotel asked the taxi driver if I spoke French. And he kind of shook his head and said, noooo. It was so funny, since they actually spoke French and I understood what they said hahahahaha. So it would be great to be more normal speaking in French and while being at home so much I might as well just grab it by the balls.

Other than that I had a little nap so I just woke up, and since I missed the nightshift yesterday I might be up for it tonight. Yippie since I really want to tune in with the Crockpot Cartel Radio Show. I would be in there everyday if I was in that timezone, so I thought about going into the jetlag timezone to be more workable for things like that turning the day kind of. It would be awesome.

So yeah hopefully up for the nightshift to night instead 🙂

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