Wishful thinking

After preparing for any Corona eventualities things are pretty much as usual. I got in to something more of an ‘easy to write’ = ‘flow’ era, it seems (so grateful for that) so that’s maybe the big relief of times here for me for now. So it seems like the manuscript is going to happen and work out after all, that would be hopefully. I am humble for sure. (It might be more of wishful thinking for sure) But being a bit cautious about the Corona situation, I am kind of happy to be snuggled in with puffy pillows and blankets to write away and get the story all way through.

Being prepared

Prepping, be prepared – the meaning of having everything you need at home for your comfort and survival in severe situations where the society might be down for a while.

This was a subject I used to be very into. I even bought a camper caravan that I had in the bush far away from pretty much everything. Nowadays I am more ‘normal’ in this matter I have to say, but I have this urge to survive, and I think it’s a good thing.

So while shopping for an eventual Corona pandemic situation, with potential having to be in the apartment / flat for a while riding out the situation, I realized I should maybe write about this.

I rather shop before it happens, and have a full house when the situation has already appeared. So with the currant situation the Corona might already be out and about and around without people even knowing they have it. So instead of waiting until it’s in the news, and for everybody else to go shopping, and potential deceasing each other, I prefer to be all clear from that when the masses realize the situation.

So I want to be able to be in the house for up to two months without having to get to the shop at all. Preferably longer. Here is how I, and this is only my personal opinion without any professional input at all, want to prepare and my thoughts about doing so. So in a severe Corona situation we are avoiding people as much as we can (avoid people totally, to be specific), we have already started, they can be about two meters away, we avoid people, like busses, tubes, rush hours in the shops, and if we been out, wash hands. So avoid people. If having to meet people meet them outside since it’s safer and avoid touching them.

We are ‘safeing’ the house, making sure we have warm blankets, candles and batteries. We would need a heating sours to keep warm. And we make sure we have a lot of blankets, sleeping bags, and towels. Since IF there would be a situation, an electric situation might be longer to fix. So we want to be able to cover all ventilations and we would want to be able to insulate more with things like towels around doors and drafty places. If the situation would be severe, we can get fresh air in at night keeping a really good distance to people. We need to have a way of boiling water. And it’s a good thing to cook foods properly way through, like well done, to avoid any bacterias. Water bottled up is really good to have or in good containers. Water that’s tapped up is lasting a long time so that’s good thing to have.

Remember to prepp for the pets. If having any pets get more cat foods and sands to last for about two months or more. Toilet papers, soaps, washing gear, cleaning things. Make sure to have things to do if having to be in the flat for about two months. I also bought lots of vitamins, olive oil, sours of protein. Amongst general long lasting foods like pasta, canned tomatoes, canned fruits, beans. Vegetarians. I think with good protein, vitamin tablets and olive oil, would be pretty sorted.

Above all that stoking up with toiletries, toothpastes, basic tablets for this and that to have a good basic cover for a while.

So that’s what many people around the world are up to these days and I think it’s great to rather than freaking a bit about it, if things go a bit crazy; be rational and be prepared.


We were spending the day thoughtfully shopping for topping up the pantry with long lasting products. I saw pictures from the grocery shops in Italy (could have been more stuff on the shelfs I have to say), where the Corona got people shopping for food to last for weeks and weeks and cocooning in there homes without leaving until it’s safe to be out again without the Corona. I realized that if there would be a Corona pandemic, we are a bit safer if we have the kitchen totally full and the apartment / flat with long lasting food when it happens, cats food and everything we need to be safe for about a month or so, so we can just be in the flat for a while if we would want to. That’s what we have bee up to almost all day today. The Corona might be done soon anyway, but it feels a bit more thought through and it works for any occasion. It’s good to be prepared. Better safe than sorry.

Other than that, organizing the flat a bit and selling some stuff to get things a bit more clear out of the way. I really like the trends with the refurnish ideas, mostly since I like antiques sometimes, it’s very popular to recycle furnitures and stuff like that. I had some vintage doors from the 1920’s or something, I had thought to build something of them but I realized they were mostly standing in the way so clear some room was the project selling them. I like the modern trendy mixed a bit with antiques or a bit classic style. But then again I just like almost any style, especially if it’s thought through, like consistently through out a house or a flat. So I guess my taste is a bit flexible but it’s a differens of liking something because it’s bringing a nice feeling to get into a room, I think many styles can do that, although it’s something else than preferred to have in my home. Looking in the magazines for the trends that might get the top dollars real-estate wise for catching the feel of what appeals the market, I think the trends are great sometimes too, it can be really nice. So I like a lot of styles, kind of flexible, especially when it feels like wow coming into the room, but it ca be in various styles for me. I like to get inspired from luxurious hotels with interiors. Although that might differ a bit from how my home is set… Here, it’s a bit of a mix and match, It’s comfortable. I rarely bring people to my home, like very rare, so it’s just for us to be comfortable. I like it that way. It’s a bit of a safe cocoon feeling cuddled up with cosy pillows and blankets in the sofa watching about a month worth of saved tv-shows and just be comfortable for a while.

counting cars

Today I had a bit of work to do. I feel so happy when I have to rush and dash to be able to do my business, best thing for me. It’s like fuel, petrol, gas. Energy. Considering I had been up late, super late, night trying to write, I thought it was really good after all. So I boosted me with looking at my fav show. Superboosted and felt back on it, kind of, I made an excel leaflet counting chapters and words. To get a bit more organized, I woke up, cleared the kitchen (well needed), realized I really miss the maid, but I CAN do it. I can actually do it and it works out fine. Even though it’s a bit of wasting time, it’s fine. And it’s kind of nice being at home, it’s really nice. I’m used to being better out working to pay somebody else to do it. But I realized, I’d really like to be at home. Would I ever think downscaling would do ay good at all? So I figured counting words might do the trick and found a new feeling while letting all the cars drive by trying to avoid counting them when out working; it’s a special feeling to be feeling at home.

Dawn again

After some weeks trying to find more inspiration to write I forced myself out at work yesterday, and when I actually got started, it was great. So I felt a lot better after coming home after all that.

I been trying to focus more on writing and getting material towards that than most other tings to get the project I am writing set at sure and done. But I guess it’s most like a forever lasting turning wheel a bit, since it just continues forever. I enjoy that in a way also. It’s a great feeling when getting to that point where to actually be done with a project and start a new one. So in a way it’s like trying to capture a feeling or longing to do so, more than actually telling a story. If that make sense.

What is a bit tricky with this story is that it’s a bit located in a town I only seen so much of…. I had booked to stay there for the full December and January to be in town and get all te feelings and details right, I had to wait with staying there though and by then I had already started the story based in that city, so I just had to go with what I knew from being there when I was there and general reasearch. Although I have to say lesson learned with that, it would have been easier to travel there again or to change location maybe instead of just going by feel of it out of the blue. So I think I’ll choose locations that I have easier access to for upcoming projects or making sure it’s certain to get away to capture the feel of a city that I am writing about. But hopefully I spent enough time there and done enough research to make the story work out great anyway.

At the moment, it’s about really morning, like super dawn, like night almost, dawn, I like it being up this time of the day. One of the best dawns I had was a jetlag dawn, grabbing an Uber to the beaches. Seeing the sunrise starting to warm up all the sand, dolphins just out at sea at Santa Monica pier. It was amazing. Then, having a walk along the beach as far as we could. So that’s for sure a great thing to do if being jetlagged near a beach or in specific Los Angeles area. This has got to be kind of far from it at the moment though I have to say. But hopefully it works out anyway. Enjoy the day.


I used to be in a punk band, a long time since, but clearly, still going strong. So after years without time for my music I am aiming for it again, it’s been like an urge, but sometimes priorities of time is of an essence, and maybe I can put some aside now. Hopefully. So I grabbed the guitar again. Been wanting to buy a piano since I enjoy to write music with piano but it was great getting tuned up with the guitar for a warm up. I would like to have room for a little at home studio for simple recordings and a bit of electronic tunes also. Just have got to make it happen. Feels great to be in tune again.

Getting there

All a bit up in the air at the moment I have to say, so many things that I have to clear out. The good thing is that I realized that I would officially be about half way through writing the new book, so the timeframe of making it ready to go, might work out. It’s a lot, so much, like unreal amounts of work with editing it though…. I have to say that might be more of work with editing and to make the story work, rather than writing the actual story. So anyhow, when realizing that I got a bit more energy to go for the weekend. A bit of a boost to get to that line where the book after actually starts, well it’s actually already started and continued since I started to write the book after, anyway it’s like a forever lasting wheel….

I am soooooo longing to get to Southend again, the best place for recharging and writing I think. It’s just so nice when finding a place where it feels so comfortable being and it’s even more exiting there after I have been writing about that specific town kind of a lot. So I had booked a get away there for the week coming, but I have to wait a bit longer…. until I can get away, might wait until the sumer starts actually it’s so nice there during the sumer, but until then, I try and post some pictures from when we were there last. Great memories from a great place by the sea. Southend.

the Thames estuary, a special feeling for sure


I really like the concept of being clear so I sometimes do detox cures and also by trying to eat kind of detox / anti inflammatory / alkaline foods. I think it really does great and it makes me feel good about myself, it’s a way of valuing one self I think. So to actually care about what to eat and why to eat certain things does matter to me. and it’s good stuff I couldn’t take it other wise. I try to eat like this mostly but sometimes it’s good to just by convenience and situation solve something just to eat and I tend to eat gluten sometimes more than so. I have to say I think it’s great and I think I am only going to explore this path further and it suits well with environment friendly foods too so I think it’s definitely only climbing my list of priorities at the mo.


I started to write letters, I mean real paper letters, rather than just digitalised typewriting emails. So yeah, antique style real letters, actually now when I got to think about it, I should really try to handwrite the letters for the feel of it. It’s great anyway, letters really does clear the thoughts a bit I think and hopefully it makes somebody happy. It’s like thinking things through one more time. So that’s my tip of the day, write a real letter to somebody that might get a bit happier receiving them.