Decluttering the flat/apartment is on top of the list today. OMG how often do you really need to get the waste out and fix the floors? Since I am used to having a maid and now am without one I am amazed to see what difference it makes, especially time wise. So that’s my tip of the day, get a maid to get things done and prioritize time wiser.

run and keep running

Sometimes the pressure to keep doing what to do is more intense than the actual place one is at. I mean in clarity, the presence is held in smog a little bit and the urge to move away is more intense just from running away rather than to choose what to run towards. I try to find clarity and courage to face the truth in presence and to make good decisions based on that, since I like perfect I am trying to bring perfect to every aspect in our way.

About time

Yesterday I went for a bit of a walk out at the islands of Stockholm it’s so beautiful at anytime I think. So while leaping in the most of sunlight possible during the day I noticed the days are noticeable longer now, so that’s a sign for springtime coming our way soon maybe. And today I even saw the first set of spring flowers, very nice.

While doing all these earthly normal things I been thinking about how to progress towards my goals and what obvious goals there may be. I feel a little torn with time for writing at the moment since I have a lot to do with just earthy shores and in need of re-writing my manuscript and translate it to English and that’s a big thing for me, aswell as continue the story with the second part of the trilogy that I really look forward to get the story going for the sisters. So I need to figure out how to balance that to get things done as well.

So it’s a lot about time at the moment I guess, thoughts about time, stories about time, and the time to realize that the clock is set and maybe it’s just lessons learned or just a major realization to wake up to, but time flies and sometimes it really is relevant to our presence and sometimes I wonder where it’s been.


Some days are just made for dreamers. Days like these were the thoughts or dreams keep one going forward. That friend you thought you had or that person you think you have to see or that jumper you really need to buy or those worlds that you just need to hear. It’s almost like affirmations to program the coming I guess. Wishes, dreams, thoughts, goals, visualizing. Sometimes it’s just to find the roads to where going make things real. I guess it’s a form of becoming presence in a way. From thought to reality. And sometimes the ideal dream seems so far away.


When I started to write the Loyalty for ever manuscript I was a bit unsure about if to write in Swedish or English. So I had heard somewhere that it’s good to write in the native speaking language so I decided to write in Swedish. Although we are bilingual and do speak English with a daughter that’s sometimes more English than Swedish it was a bit tricky to decide, since the way to express is actually different regarding to what language we are in.

So anyway, the loyalty for ever is written in Swedish but with very English mixed within maybe, specially since the story is set in England by the sea mostly and Stockholm. So after much thought I decided to rewrite the script to an English version, I felt a bit tempted and led in that way so that’s what I am working with at the moment.

It’s been a while since I wrote it and it’s kind of exiting to go through and step it up a bit with rewriting it and I decided to find professional readers to work with me through the story aswell so that’s how I think I am progressing with that, so I guess full steam forward.


Being a creative human being is sometimes kind of a project, for me most of it comes down to time. It’s all these earthly things that goes around in the normal days that makes the days where it actually is possible to let that force out, is very special days. Saving up for those days can then sometimes be even more of a project, to keep the ideas in mind until there is enough spare time to let it out. And for me anyway it’s very out of schedule, it’s just by feeling

So that’s why I think a creative house a bit away would work so good for us, to get in phase with creativity and connect the being there with the force kind of thing. I have this picture in my mind of a big sign of an arrow in a Happy house, with the roadsign pointing forward towards happiness unlimited.

So that’s the picture I have in mind and I guess there is somethings left behind from that picture, and I avoid to look backwards standing infront of my roadsign at this point. Somethings just have to become, ‘been’ and left at that happy memories. Just as a picture that is painted, is already painted.


Met a friend in a pub today in Stockholm, it’s been a while since we met, I think it’s been a year or more even; it was great to meet again anyway.

It’s noticeable how things turn depending on what company is with when meeting someone, especially when meeting people only so often and it’s been a while, I enjoy the energy that gets around us when we meet, and I was thinking about how different that united energy cloud surrounding people is, depending on what kind of person you meet. And I also thought about how does that cloud of energy become from another persons perspective when I am in it? How other people view me. Kind of what do we bring to the table?

So happy day after all I have to say and I am a bit more and better inspired tonight thanks to a good friend