it’s been a while

Getting back on track with everything, hopefully there is some new music coming soon as well. Been busy with just about everything really and recently getting to it with recording a new tune I was writing acoustic with the piano just a while back while waiting for better weather I guess, so a digital version kind of a remix of that tune is on the way.

Sometimes it’s good to just think and decide what roads to follow I guess. So an update about everything maybe, waiting for warmer weather, so I guess it’s just about time to step it up with the writing and the music maybe?

New year

A week since new year. I been letting it melt a bit with how I wanted to make my goals for the new year, if I should write them even, I guess it’s a good way to make things happen a bit more with having clear goals written. So I am thinking about what goals I actually do have!

The year started great, I love New Years, think it’s the best day of the year, and we found a great location with a view over the rooftops as well. We been spending the weeks in almost isolation, been to food shops though, but mostly just hanging out and walking the dog. Waiting for the snow to brighten things up a bit more, it’s been snowing but melting so pretty mild. Being in Sweden it’s a big difference for if it’s a bit of snow this time of the year since it’s compact nighttime at from about 3.30 in the afternoon until about 8 in the morning here in Stockholm. Although I have to say windows does make a big difference to feel more stabil this time of the year. So with me having my bedroom out at the balcony ( glassed in sunroom like balcony ) it does work great for me with getting the most out of the daylight I think and it gets me a bit more creative. Doing the self isolation a bit more ( Sweden is kind of open with all the shops open and very almost ‘normal’ in this pandemic still, I would say about 20 % of the people out in the food shops wear facemasks, and it’s just recently got to be recommended to wear facemask during rush hours in the busses and tubes ) so we decided to self isolate more anyway, since we can. For me trying to write my new book manuscript it’s kind of great with a bit of isolation so I am getting all tucked in at my balcony getting the story going. I absolutely love it and this morning it was a tiny layer of snow, hopefully it stays so it’s super nice at the balcony right now!

So yeah lots of white curtains and reflective materials might be the thing to go for with decorating the apartment a bit for after the holidays to bring the tone in and brighten things up a bit more for the new year coming.


This year 2020 I was having big aims for about a year ago! I was just in the after party of writing my first manuscript 2019 ‘Loyalty for ever’ and started to write the second manuscript with a clear spinn off of exactly that, 2020 . Being the highscore year with 20 points out of 20. The jackpot year! That is how things were about to go I thought, a year ago going into the 2020 with a lot of goals and ambition all inspired for a fantastic year. Obviously things were brought in other directions a bit during the year, but I completed the highscore book manuscript anyway ( queen of Calabasas ) being one of my greatest achievements ever, and that being one of my bigger goals for that year, I was so happy to check the box for that a couple of weeks ago!

This year has maybe brought a bit more humbleness to us with a lot going on about the pandemic and also in more secondary effects of it all with jobs houses isolations relations, everything really. Maybe we have gotten to think a bit more having all this around us and making us change our ways and maybe even for the better at times pushing us into directions of making better choices even and getting to think a bit more about how we chose our ways.

This year I have become Vegan, ( for better physically and for the animals and for the climate ) that was a big thing for me turning that around to make more good choices for a better way of being and live more kindly. Becoming Vegan brought a lot of other things to the table as well that I am super happy to have had the time to figure out my ways with. So I am probably more clean in my body and mind than ever before! It feels fantastic!

This year I have without a major reason or thought to it been super super sober, it kind of made sense when I worked so hard to clean out my body from negativities and shit and toxins ( I try to have my body more in an alkaline mode, detox mode antiinflammatoric mode raw food mode ) so it kind of makes sense with the non alcohol thing. And it feels great for me!

This year I have been more kind and listening to myself; working my ways through my own stories. I guess part of it trying to write books, it kind of gets to that core of being Me sometimes; the pure Me. Recognizing the one I am, all set with clear goals and ways and roads. So I guess a bit more spirituell in a way and a bit more ‘on the way’. ( I mean haven’t we all getting into our selves a bit more having the time to and spending so much time with our selves this year? )

This year brought a lot of good to me and maybe the biggest thing being that I completed ( a lot because of the isolation ) the second manuscript in my trilogy, so ‘Queen of Calabasas’ was a big thing for me and turned out to become a real brick weighted book script. That said…. This year I also started to write the outro part to the whole trilogy a couple of weeks ago. So there might be a light at the end of the tunnel at some point. That brings me straight to it…. What do I write about after this?

This year I spent a lot of quality time with my daughter and she is awesome! And we bought Henry the miniature dachshund puppy and we have been out a lot in the archipelago in the woods and traveling Sweden! Awesome!

This year I also started the music project that I been having on hold since for ever I feel, I needed the time basically to be able to get creative with it again. So I bought a piano and started to build a home studio and recording my own songs. This being one of the things I absolutely love to do, it’s an absolute aim to expand into the New Year goals for the upcoming year!

I just realized we have been kind of busy this year and it gets me thinking in what directions of goals and aims and roads we are getting for the New Year coming! I am exited to set the tone for what we are aiming for and write new goals again for the new year!

Superfood / my Vegan story

Since I was going Vegan a while back I have been getting more and more into the nutrition aspect of it all, about how to eat better to feel better and remain better. (detox, ph-balanced food, clean lifestyle, raw food, I have to say all of it )

I really like the project and it’s great for being at home with a bit of something to get into. Since I became Vegan (I was vegetarian for a while befor that, off and on for ever I think ) So I have to say, it really has changed a lot of things for the better, it’s more of a lifestyle I think, I Love it!

I was reading a lot about getting better physically from being a bit more knowledgable with what we eat and how food can affect our bodies physically, and that got me reading.

The Vegan thing started with my daughter who said she had heard that chickens gets their ‘trunk’ cut off for them to get along in the chicken houses. I think I was just eating an egg at that time, and I just felt so shitty about it, even if it would been untrue, I just really felt revolting. So there and then I just became Vegan. Even though I am kind of easy going with most things it just felt so revolting to me. So I became Vegan.

Being Vegan has brought another perspective to the table, how I eat and why I eat. Because I have to say it has brought me knowledge about what the body needs and why and how I can balance things with food. I want to be nice to my body. So living kindly is a part of it even for me and the, feeling better physically, is a big thing as well with making sure to remain well and fit too. So it brought a lot of other things around as well with being more physically active and aware, for the better.

Becoming Vegan was a good time, it was super good to try out all the new foods and try out everything. Even though I am getting more and more into the base ingredients avoiding the prefabricated things, it was great trying them out and getting inspired to cook. It was almost like traveling.

So yeah, I think the main thing for me about it is was that it feels good. It feels good to be living kindly and it feels good to feel better for myself and aim for the better in many perspectives. But mostly, it just feels good to say ‘ I’m Vegan’.

#athome holidays

The holidays are getting closer, feels great to be able to spend the holidays at home actually. I have gotten to terms with it maybe…. I used to think christmas was a heavy weight for me, so I used to work for those days and it was a good thing to avoid it all. Then we started to travel for christmas, being without any direct christmas traditions it was great to make new ones. So now we been traveling for christmases it feels fine to just be at home again, my daughter has ordered a normal traditional Swedish christmas this year. So that’s what we are doing. Food wise, with her being a bit picky coming to Swedish traditional christmas food, and me being super Vegan and extremely picky with what I eat, we found a Vegan rice porridge pudding thing (!) that we thought we both could eat. hahahaha. So I guess we are searching the web for alternative foods! But I found the best Vegan substitute for sill, witch is an inlay of mushrooms instead of fish. so that will be the thing for doing Swedish christmas I think.

In Sweden we usually do kind of Smörgåsbord / julbord for christmas with Buffet style dishes. It’s great, something for everybody to like!

We decided to go for more of a New Years thing with a bit of christmas shopping (the shops are still open in Sweden although recommended to maybe order things online) so we are doing more of the gifts for New Years since we are a bit slow with ordering things from the web unclear if things get here in time. So any way we are looking forward to the whole thing anyway.

Bucket list for christmas /things to do if bored for the holidays

walk the beaches and bushes

internet shopping (christmas sales)


ultra clean the house

sort clothes and things to charity make more room

eat Svill

continue to write the new script

make more music

find a new interest (I bought jewelry making things, and I also have sewing machines that I bought years ago waiting to get time to do something that I really like doing)

brush up the French language by language apps. (maybe even finding a real one online to talk to, but I am shy so app might be better)

maybe learn a new language

think about a business wanting to start

I realized that there is so many things I want to do! I am lucky to be able to be #athome just doing what I enjoy and want to do!


Doing the self isolation here in Stockholm, feels kind of normal since I would have been mostly just at home anyway trying to make it for my new manuscript. Just going through the finishing details and organizing the story as good as I can to be able to get to that point where a point is a point. So yeah trying to be in for the bigger picture more than just the perfectionists details, or both as much as I can, so just leading it towards that at the moment super unsocial but great when it’s all good to go!

Dreaming away to Southend. I think that be the place to go first thing after this Corona situation is out of the way. Should really make a bucket list for everything dreaming to do.

Also thinking about what to do for the sumer so that might get the travel urge a bit more settled. And I can really recommend going vegan for a while if you miss traveling, finding new foods in the shops to cook is a bit like traveling, I love it!

So yeah I am also thinking about the goals that I want to have for the new year making it more structured with clear set goals and things to achieve in the new year so I am looking forward to spending a bit more time with that and continuing the script coming after this one, I think that’s what drives me at the moment!

So yeah I guess be back with more specifics about New Years goals soon

Balcony stories continues

Weekend again, with the holidays getting closer, Black Friday, pandemic, walking the dog, getting things done. There is a lot going on I realized!

New Years getting closer, I love New Years, and I usually have goals for the year coming, instead of resolutions. I think it’s great to even make a checklist for what wanting to achieve. SO I have been started to think in terms of goals for the year coming, both longer terms goals and more achievable ones.

We have decided to make the New Years more of the thing than christmas, we been traveling for christmas as tradition and decided to go for a more fusion christmas and do the presents and celebrate more for the New Years since we just enjoy that day so much. And then we have things to do for the evening when waiting for the year turning as well.

The balcony is working great for a bedroom / out of the way room. I am trying to get my script all good to go with editing and fixing the story the finishing details. So it’s hard work I have to say, at the moment it kind of goes on and on for ever it seems! I bet it’s about fivehundred pages book when done so it’s a bit to deal with for sure. But it feels great to see it coming together and hopefully done soon. Looking forward to that I have to say, mostly since I am so eager to get the story after more started (I started it and just need to get it going). So that is what I should be up to for these couple weeks til the holidays.

So being out at the balcony room to make the stories work is the way it happens I guess!

Vegan month

A week to go with the vegan month November, great to try it out going Vegan for the week maybe. There was a calculator describing how much things saved by days or weeks being vegan. So it was ridiculous amounts of water and natural resources and probably a couple of cows as well. Got to find a link for it and calculate and try it out.

So with the friendly living thing in mind I started to get the holidays in decorating the apartment. Decided to make an Aloe Vera christmas tree to save the resources and just going for more of a New Years feeling since I really like New Years.

We also been starting to wonder about what we want to do after the pandemic, so maybe a bucket list for that. I think we both are really eager to get traveling as we enjoy doing so, first thing would probably be a get away for England where we usually go. So we decided to do fusion christmas (since we prefer to travel than to celebrate) so it’s kind of new traditions. We are doing the Swedish version for the 24th traditionally and international normal English for the 25th. But I think, to be honost, I prefer to continue with the after corona bucket list. There is so many things I would like to do and so many places I would like to see.

I guess until then I continue to make more music and write my stories, I am so happy to be able to be more #athome so that I have the time to get things going a bit more with things I love to do.


I have been trying to get out walking the puppy for an hour every day in the mornings for about a month back, it’s great! Avoiding the crowds and being at home makes it a bit more productive for the day I think. So this morning we were far out at the Stockholm archipelago at the beaches walking around, it was so refreshing.

After that I just been trying to write and trying to do this and that, wasting time trying to clean the apartment. We avoid pretty much everything again being as much #athome as possible, I would love to be able to just be at home like we were during the spring session (like totally) , but it seem to be a bit more open and business as usual around town, and with the schools open and shops and pretty much everything being normal, we are just following the restrictions. And we rarely meet people anyway (think restrictions are for 8 people) and we decided to go groceryshopping more like once a week and we do wear face masks. Very few people wear facemasks here in Stockholm I would say about, I am guessing, five per cent, so it’s kind of just business as usual here. There is more restrictions starting this weekend I think, so maybe that get’s people to start wearing facemasks.

Other than that I am just trying to figure out the lyrics and a concept for a new song I am writing and loving to have the piano and making more piano versions of my recorded songs. You can listen to them at instagram (@l_helgaasen).

To make things happen I decided to start to decorate the apartment for the holidays. We rarely do Christmas since we prefer to travel for the holidays, that brings the nontraditional us to do a more traditional Christmas. That we look forward to, since we really have no idea how we want to do Christmas. So we decided to do international fusion Christmas with more of a celebration for the New Years that is more of a noticeable day to celebrate.

Christmas holidays check list:

Swedish Christmas 24 December with traditional Donald Duck cartoons and Vegan Swedish ham dinner.

25 December traditional English Vegan Christmas with chimney socks.

Christmas tree and lots of christmas lights ASAP

Gifts for the kittens and puppy (and us) but save most of them until New Years (so we decided to do the most gift things for New Years)

We are better with celebrating New Years (its my absolute favorite day of the year) so the New Years we been doing at home we usually bake somethings like cookies and cakes to stay up the night (my daughter and I).

So that’s my absolut best inspiration for doing the holidays this year. I used to work the holidays until I had my daughter, and I know there is so many people feeling so lonely during that time of year, even without self isolations, I hope it feels a bit better for everybody with the restrictions being a great excuse to having ‘the lonely holidays’. (And maybe there is great deals in the local hotels for staycations in local towns). I have to say making new traditions with traveling a bit made that time of year feel so much better, after a few holidays in a row (we usually go to London and then the English seaside towns)(but I am sure any town works), it was so appealing I was even longing for getting abroad for the holidays, ‘christmas walking’ the beaches in other cities, so nice and friendly people greeting each other, ‘merry christmas’. Then bringing a shitload of local christmas foods from the grocery shops (since many restaurants are closed during christmas) all exiting stuff to try out back at the hotels, feeling really happy, so nice and friendly and spoiling one self a lot. I can super recommend traveling for christmas (after the pandemic), regardless of reason. The quiet seaside towns and villages are awesome for that I think.