Been spending some days at home just recovering waiting to feel better and collecting energy to get to it with writing again. So I think I seen most of the tv saved and snoozing enough to last for a while. So eager to be up and running with everything again.

So the English writing story is about 50 per cent with the writing and then its a lot of editing and fixing the story so I think the time frame is great. The third bit of the trilogy I am a bit off theme with at the moment, for sure I have to just sit and concentrate and put in some real hours with the story to make it work, it’s more like a dream to write it as it sits right now. So some real days in the room with jetlag / without schedules and total into it and just fix it should do the trick.

Started to fix the garden patch yesterday between naps, and what to find when finally getting to it with the lawnmaur, a frog, or let me correct, like a herd of baby frogs. Awesome, me being the super vegan that I am, I had to wait to fix the garden patch, very happily getting back to the tv again curing myself, so looking forward to having a bit more energy to spend with the garden when the frogs has jumped off. I have all these ideas about the garden and I really look forward to transform it from rather wild and jungley to more sophisticated sleek style, so hopefully the the sumer to come is getting us there.

Other than that looking forward to get the new song I am recording in better tunes with some of the vocals, I need to step it up am feeling a bit like wasting time while waiting to feel better, so finally get to it and actually get the home studio I am aiming for up and running is a big priority for me after the sumer.

So yeah, hopefully up for posting a bit of the new tune soon and feel better about everything as well.


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