New Music coming

I been recording my new song lately and I am looking forward to release the ‘dragon’ soon hahahaha. I really hope everybody loves it. Sometimes when I make music I am so into it so it sounds in a specific way and then, when I listen to it some weeks after I heard it last and been letting it sit for a bit, it kind of sounds like something else. So it develops somehow and I think it’s about getting used to what we hear as we record and build the song up. So I think I’ll try to mix and master it as good as I can and let it out and try to get some collaborations with the song, with producers as remixes and features. So hopefully somebody likes it and wants to do remixes and features of the song, I kind of was writing it for that purpose, as well as an original version. It would be awesome to be good enough at the mix and master production thing, the sound technics, to make it good enough to be professional quality, and that is what I am aiming for during the year. As a New Years goal. Get up my tech with mix and production to a good enough standard. So that is a big project. So I am trying it out with this song in this strategy, to write originals made for collaborations kind of, thats great since a lot of them collaboration people are super tech sound production masters, really into the tech part of making music, so it kind of works like that even tho I need to step it up techwise to make it professionally produced in the original form I can collaborate with it to be more professional techwise.

So anyway, spending hours and hours grinding in the ‘becoming studio’ room. It’s what I love the most. It’s my master bedroom so I can just get up and get straight to it 🙂 Love it.

Other than that it’s absolutely butt freezing outside so I am super happy to be in, in the warmth recording all the weekend.


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