Vegan month day 24

Vegan month is progressing as it comes and it’s just a month until Christmas Eve. I am super eager to make it a great time over the holidays and avoid pressuring feelings about it. With that said…. focus on the positivities. We usually travel for christmas, but since the pandemic we haven’t been traveling so much so it’s kind of new traditions at the table and just bringing a good feeling to it as well hopefully. So we are shopping for gifts and preparing a bit for a RAW vegan christmas dinner time and just mainly do things that we like and are comfortable with. So in a way I kind of look forward to it all and hope the strategy for a good feeling over the holidays works. Because of this ‘feeling’ I used to work most of the christmases and then I started to travel that really was giving a better feeling to it all, so this time we are concentrating at decorating the house and and just be happy and just doing what we like at home. I am looking forward to making the food as a RAW vegan thing and ‘bake’ and things like that. I tried to make a smoothie with saffron the other day to get it started and saffron is by the way a really good spice for getting in a good mood and brighten things up a bit also with the color I guess. So it ll be a lot of saffron over the christmas times I guess.

I am just recording new lyric lines to my song ‘I am a flower’, trying to get undistracted and keeping focused. So it’s a lot about things like that and to actually sit down and actually do what’s supposed to be done. I decided to light a candle for when to actually do what I should be doing to attract some forces to do things and make things happen for when the candle is lit. The ‘I’m a flower’ song really needed a bit of work to it, I realized, so a better go with the singing and a bit of piano as well might do the trick. We should see how it becomes. I really like that about recording at home since it’s kind of work in progress until I am happy. So it’s a project in free floating mode kind of.

About writing I am super eager to get into it again with my stories, sometimes the line is a bit of a stock exchange line for productivity with writing, I guess it’s part of the process, and sometimes it just flows and writes it self almost. So I guess it’s just to get with the feeling and be real with it and write as it comes, I kind of believe it’s something meant to be said when it’s meant to be said, for me and for the world I guess. So I just try to listen to my feeling.

About being RAW vegan today I am working through my stock of avocados and bell peppers. Realized I probably should be eating more fruit, I realized for a while but I tend to prefer veggies most of the time. Tho there is a strategi that’s basically eating fruit all the day and a big portion of veggies. But I am more into veggies. And it’s a ratio in the sources of protein that is supposed to be kind of perfected that way. So I have to get a new blender since it’s a bit easier to eat fruit as smoothies I feel to get more into the fruit section. Though I am with some nutrient supplements for calcium and things so I get all things needed anyway ( think even without supplements I would be getting everything I need ). I had a delicious super salad for brunch anyway, avocados, union, sprouted mung beans, bell peppers, and arugula, raw vinegar, lemon juice and dijon mustard and hemp protein. Was it grated zucchini as well I think. A lots of things so something like that, it was so yummy. I had orange juice and MSM supplement and matcha latte during the day. I am trying to remember to have my chlorella at night or morning to avoid it at the same time as matcha, and also my mineral supplements in the morning as well since the chlorella grabs the magnesium particles in the supplements so it has to be on different schedules and timing in with what is good to pair eatings with. A bit of the RAW food thing is like that and mono meals are very common for that reason, so just eating bananas for example for lunch is great to get all the right nutrients and some fruits and veggies pair really well to make nutritions and superpowers in the fruits and veggies enhanced when combined. So it really is a jungle and I love it.

So I made a spirulina pudding with spirulina powder and chia seeds and I think it was orange juice so that goes well with clementines. And I also eaten banans today, so maybe I am good with the ratio with fruit anyway, I have to write what I eat to see how it stands I think.

So anyway, getting into christmas mode and looking forward to a RAW vegan food making time over the holidays.


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