New Music

After yesterdays boost in the music direction I was up bright and early this morning continuing recording. Felt super inspired and it felt as I had been having the song as a background all night. Great soundtrack for my dreams hahahahaha. So I was recording until I had to get to the small town near to hear to grab some groceries. So I was in the small town doing the grocery shopping and had a walk around in some other shops as well, I heard that there are super restrictions coming, so had a little bumble around a furniture shop even, avoided the crowds and masses tho. But it was packed with people in the food shop. Better to get things out of the way, I thought, and kept as safe as I could, and shopped away a bit, if there is a lockdown or something coming it’s great to get the kitchen packed. It had been a while since I was in town, since I just mostly been just at home hanging out, so I packed the cupboards as full up as I could, so I can be kind of out of the way from the pandemic for some more weeks hopefully. So we are riding out the storm here I think. Starting the sprouting trays again to have fresh greens, I can really recommend sprouts, I tried mung beans and chickpeas, sunflowers, and a bit of everything and I thought to get lentils as well sometime maybe 🙂

So anyway, I been having the song in my inner radio all the day, ‘loved by you’ and I was super happy to get back from the small town and start to record again. So I been exploring a lot of new things in the music program I am recording in, so I feel that it’s in the right directions and expanding the tech aspect of making music, and that, being a really big goal of mine for the year, to make professional quality recordings and expand the tech part of making music, I feel it’s going places. And since it’s actually in the lines of the music that I want to do, more electronic, it kind of makes sense to be able to do the whole ladder of steps from song idea to writing the song to recordings to mix and master and the full spectra. So I feel that it’s filling in some gaps.

Sometimes even I am wondering what I write my songs about, I guess they are dedicated to somebody, or something, somehow. So many things can bring the tone to a song of mine. With this song it was a line from my sister, ( that I haven’t seen for ages and ages she had been writing online somewhere ), something about selective memories. So it got me started, I think. But the song is actually about something else, it was just a source for inspiration.

So yeah, new music on the way and I am all up for some weeks out of the way from the pandemic.


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