Happy 4th

Just got up and walked the dogs, been mostly in a bit of a blur from working and being sleep deprived in general, so after having the day off from work yesterday, I kind of feel a bit refreshed this morning. So I spent the day sleeping and netflixing yesterday just to catch up. I been out in the archipelago working on boats, and this week I am actually having some days off, tho hopefully I get booked in for work those days as well., I’d be happy for that 🙂

Besides all that I have gotten into the thing and starting to be a bit more inspired to make music again, altho time is a factor in the equation, so I am trying to remember the ideas as they come, to make something out of it when I have more time to make music again. Also writing wise, I have started to feel it coming a bit more lately, so that gives me a bit of hope for being good enough to continue to write the script I am in the middle of. So hopefully time is coming my way again, I am thinking to work as much as I can for the sumer and be back with my normal lifestyle for after the sumer and be back on track with my finances so I can be kind of normal again. So hopefully that schedule works so I can write my stories again and make more music. It would be such a dream to actually make enough money doing my music and writing for a living. So maybe I am even more eager to make it work after this.

So yeah, working tonight, tho just up until about ten, so I think I am walking a bit after work to keep in shape and I might even inspire people at work to make a bit healthier choices if they want to; it would be great with company walking from work anyway!

So yes, it’s 4th of July today, we usually try to do something special this day with half American daughter, so I think we have to make something for that as well today, maybe late night barbecue marshmallows or something.

So yes, happy 4th and enjoy the day 🙂



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